Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today's Daily Devotional

Blessed are those who walk in the light of Your presence, O Lord. They rejoice in Your name; they exult in Your righteousness. Psalm 89:15-16

06/04/09 We truly are blessed. Aren’t we? We are blessed to walk in the light. The light doesn’t exist without Jesus. He said that He is the light of the world. Hallelujah! We are blessed to walk in God’s presence. WOW! Adam and Eve walked in His presence. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob encountered Him. Moses met with Him on a regular basis. We should always be mindful that we are in His presence. What a blessing that truly is. We are blessed because we can rejoice. Or is it that we rejoice because we are blessed? Yes! The very name of God brings us joy! The fact that we are permitted to utter His name is the ultimate privilege. We take pride in His righteousness. We gush over how righteous our Lord is! We can’t help but tell others about it!

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