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Matthew 2 - Homiletics

Matthew 2 is the tale of two kings and some wise men.  It begins with the birth of the King of kings.  After which the magi from the West came to Israel and inquired of king Herod about the birth of the King of the Jews.  This disturbed Herod since, technically, he was crowned “the king of the Jews” by the Roman Senate in 40 BCE.  It apparently disturbed all of Jerusalem as well.  But this got Herod thinking, and he went to the chief priests and teachers of the law and inquired about where the Messiah would be born.  They informed Herod that the Scriptures indicated the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem according to the prophet Micah (Mic 5:2). So, Herod gave that information to the magi and asked them to return to him after they found the Child and tell him where the Child was so Herod could worship Him, too.  We’ll learn Herod’s true intentions in just a moment. Meanwhile, the magi travel on, following a star that guided them straight to Jesus and His mother at their house.  The

Matthew 1 - Homiletics

In Matthew chapter 1, Matthew records Jesus’ ancestry and the circumstances of His birth.  In the first 17 verses, the former tax collector presents the meticulous plan of God to bring His one and only Son, the Messiah, into the world to save it.  Each name in this list has significance.  The initial mentions of David and Abraham speak to the covenants given to these men promising the Messiah. Many other names in this genealogy may be familiar to you, as well.   You’ve read their stories.   Isaac, Jacob and Judah.   Boaz, Jesse and Solomon.   Look up these names - and the less recognizable ones.   Read their stories.   It’s interesting that women are mentioned in Christ’s lineage, too!   Tamar, Judah’s daughter-in-law, who dressed as a prostitute and became pregnant with her father-in-law’s twins.   Rahab, an actual prostitute who hid the Israelite spies in Jericho.   Ruth, the Moabitess who returned to Israel with her mother-in-law Naomi.   Uriah’s wife, aka Bathsheba, who was summo

Things I Learn About Myself from My Dogs!

Sometimes an epiphany comes at 4:45 in the morning while I’m walking my dogs.  My day hasn’t come under attack by everyone trying to accomplish the tasks on their plate who invariably interrupt me while I’m trying to accomplish the things on my plate!  It’s dark outside and although some lights glow through crack-like openings in closed drapes in the windows I pass in my neighborhood, the world still seems to be asleep.  Peace.  J Then, our new puppy decides she wants to breakaway!   The leash rubs my hands raw, but I hold fast.   She gags as she pulls her collar tight on the front of her throat.   She stops and then tries again.   Stops again.   All three dogs see a cat!   Another breakaway attempt, but I’m braced for it.   Heel! This morning, it felt like Jesus was whispering to me, “Heel.”   Oy!   Massive realization:   I’m just like my dogs!   Maybe not often like the puppy that runs off at every opportunity, but certainly like the older dogs that see the cat and want to chase!

Something Wonderful This Way Comes...

  Fall is here.   I can feel that little chill in the early morning air.   BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) is starting back up, which means I will be posting homiletics more regularly.   And I am actually planning to coming up with more creative content to share here on the blog.   This change has been inspired by a brother in Christ I’ve had the privilege to get to know a little better over the last few weeks. I’ve been part of the launch team to promote J. Warner Wallace’s latest book “Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible”, and he has challenged the launch team to become Content Creators, not just content consumers.   I am taking that challenge to heart, and God is flooding my mind with ideas right now.   So be on the lookout for new things happening on the blog.   And check out J. Warner Wallace’s book “Person of Interest” (   Preorders are available right now.  The book releases 21 September.   It shows Jesus’