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Praise Him! - Psalm 150:6

Breathe Got Breath? Praise the LORD! Even the animals do it! How? By serving the purpose for which God created them. Bees do it by flying when they shouldn’t be able to do so. Just ask Thelma Wells. She’s one of the Women of Faith who has a thing for bees. Birds sing. Coyotes howl. Gorillas pound their chests. Even cockroaches do something. I’m not sure what it is, but they have breath. Don’t they? It’s the same for us. We pray. We teach. We preach. We work. We serve. We encourage. You don’t need to test yourself to find your gifts. Just start serving somewhere. Eventually, God will direct you to your perfect fit in ministry. Or He may change your ministry over time. Perhaps you’ll have multiple ministries where you serve. Does your breath praise Him? How? Do you play the flute? Do you preach the Word of God? Are you a teacher? Do you encourage others? Our praise should destroy lies, proclaim the truth and advance the gospel message. Don’t let another moment pass while you wait.