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Homiletics Luke 9:51-11:13

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 9:51-53 whn days cmng2close,He detrmnd go Jerus;sent msgrs,entrd Sam; wlcm Him bec He go Jerus 9:54-56 whn Jas/Jn saw:L,u want us call fire frm hvn2consume them?He rebukd,they went another vill 9:57-60 as trvlng,sm1:I follo u whrevr;J:SoM plc 2lay hd;2anothr:follo me;let me bury fr;let ded bury ded 9:61-62 anothr:I follo u,let me say bye2my hs;J:no1 who put hd2plow&lks bk fit4koG 10:1-3 aftr,L apptd70,sent ahd pairs;harvest abundt wrkrs few;pray L send wrkrs;go lambs amng wlvs 10:4-6 carry $bag,trvl bag,sndl, greet any1rd;whtevr hs u enter:Pc;if son of pc there,pc rest him,if not,retn 10:7-9 remn in hs,eatg/drkg what offer;when entr town&they wlcm,eat,heal,tell koG cm near u 10:10-12 when entr& they wlcm:we wipg dust off,koG cm near;more tolerabl4Sodom than that town 10:13-16 woe Corzn,Bethsd mircls in u done Tyre/Sidon they’d repnt;Caprn go Hades;listn u listn me 10:17-20 7

Homiletics Luke 9:1-50

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 9:1-5 J calld12gv pwr demns/cure,sent:tk nothng,whtevr hs entr,stay;if welcm ,shake dust 9:6-8 set out,procl gd news/heal;Herod perplexd,some sayg Jn raised,others Elijah,others proph bk2life 9:9- H:I behd Jn,tried2see Hm 9:10-11 apost retn,rpt2J,theyw/d2Bethsaida,crowds followd,He welcmd,He spoke koG,heald 9:12-15 late aftrn,12:send crowd away food/lodging;J:u gv eat,we hv5br&2fish:5000men;sit in grps of 50 9:16-17 disc did,evry1 sat;tk5loav2fish,lk up2hvn,gv thx,broke,gv2disc2distrib;all ate,satis,12baskets pcs 9:18-20 J prayg pvt,disc w/:who crowds say I am?Jn Bapt;Elijah;proph bk2life;what abt u?P:G’s Messiah 9:21-23 J warnd tell any1:SoM suffer,rejectd,killd,3 rd day raised;want b my disc deny self,tk cross,follw 9:24-25 whoevr want sv life,lose;whoevr lose life4me,sv;what gd4some1gain world,lose self 9:26-27 Whoevr ashmd me/my wds,SoM ashmd them when cm glory;some here taste dea

Homiletics: Luke 8

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 8:1-3 Aftr,J trvld,prclm gd nws,12w/Hm&MMag7demn,Joanna(Chuza,mgr Herod hs)Susanna,othrs suppt 8:4-6 lg crwd gathrd,parable:farmr scattr seed,path trampled birds ate;rocky grd plnts withrd no moistr 8:7-9 thorns grw w/choked plants;gd soil yield crop 100x, whoevr ears hear;Disc ask what meant 8:10-11 knowl secrets koG gvn2u,2othrs parables,seeing see ,hearing undstd ;meaning:seed=woG 8:12-14 path devil tk wd believe ;rocky rec wd w/joy no root in test fall away;thorns hear choked mature 8:15-16 good hear retain persevere produce crop;no1 lights lamp&hides it,put stand see light 8:17-18 nothg hiddn disclsd &nothg conceald known ;T4 consdr how listn,who has gvn mo, who hv tkn 8:19-21 J mom/bros cm, able get near;some1 told Him m/b outsd;J:mom/bros hear G’s wd practice   8:22-24 1day J2Disc:let’s go othr sd lake,boat;He sleep,squall, grt danger;Disc woke Him,He rebuke

Homiletics Luke 7

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 7:1-3 when J fin sayg this,entr Capern;cent’s svt abt2die;cent heard of J,sent eldrs2Hm,ask cm/heal svt 7:4-6a they cm2J,plead,”man desrvs this bec lvs nation,blt syngog”;J went 7:6b-7 far frm hs cent sent friends,”L trbl self,I deserv u under roof; worthy cm2u,say wd,svt be heald 7:8-9 I undr authrty,sold undr me,”go”,he go,”cm”,he cms,”do”,he do;J amazd,” found such grt faith Is” 7:10-12 men retd svt well;J2Nain,disc&lg crowd w/Hm;gate,dead pers only son widow,lg crowd w/her 7:13-15 L saw, ♥ 2her,” cry ”;He touchd bier,bearers still,”yng man,get up”;dead man sat up,J gv2mother 7:16-17 all filled awe prasd G,”grt proph amng us”,”G cm2hlp His ppl”;this news spread Judea/surr cntry   7:18-21 Jn’s disc told hm,he calld2sent2L:”ru1 2cm or we expct some1else?”;@that time J cured,gv sight 7:22 2msgrs:”go rpt seen&hrd:blind rec sight,lame walk,leprsy clean,deaf hear,dead

Homiletics: Luke 6:12-49

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 6:12-13 J2mtside2pray,spent nite prayg2G;morn came,He calld disciples,chose12apostles: 6:14-16 Sim(P),bro And,Jas,Jn,Phil, Bart,Mat,Tho,Jas son Alph,Sim Zeal,Jud son Jas,Jud Isc bec traitr 6:17-18 went dn,stood lvl plc,lg crowd from Jud,Jerus.Tyre,Sid,cm2hear/b heald,trbl by impr spirit cured 6:19 ppl touchd,pwr cm out,heald;   6:20-21 2Disc:blssd u poor,urs=koG;blssd u hungr,u satsfd;blssd u weep,u laugh 6:22-23 Blssd whn ppl h8,exclude,insult,reject bec SoM;rejoice bec grt=ur reward Hvn,how anc trt proph 6:24-26 woe2u well fed,u go hngry;woe2u laugh,u mourn;woe2u evry1 spk well,how anc trt false proph 6:27-28 2u listning:lv enemies,do gd2those h8 u,blss those curse u,pray4mistreat u 6:29 if some1 slap u cheek, turn other;if some1 tk u coat, wh shirt 6:30-31 gv2evry1 who asks,if any1 tk, demand back;do2oth as u’d have them do2u 6:32-34 if u lv who lv u,what credit?Evn s

Homiletics Training: Applications

We are back!   Today’s topic is Applications .   They are open-ended (not “yes” or “no”) questions. You must have one Application for each Division.   They should do one of four things: convict, encourage trust in God, cause evaluation of thinking or create change.   We are after thinking and heart change, here.   Behavior will follow, but shouldn’t be the focus.   Your Applications should also relate to each Division’s text.   Here are my Applications for this exercise: 1.How have you guarded your heart to continue sharing your faith from painful experiences of rejection because of your faith in Jesus? 2.How have you kept your heart from becoming prideful over mission success? 3.How does God minister to you when you get alone with Him that keeps you motivated to seek Him daily?   You will hear “homiletics people” talk about “root versus fruit”.   A change to the root will affect the fruit.   Doing something to the fruit doesn’t alter the root.   We are targeting the r

Homiletics Training: Aim

Alright.   We are back!   Today, we’re discussing the Aim .   The Aim is a statement in your own words describing what you want your audience to take away from your teaching.   It begins with the phrase “TCMATK (To Cause My Audience To Know [See, Learn, Desire, Understand…]).”   The Aim is the goal of the teaching.   It’s the main idea of the passage.   Here is my Aim for this exercise: TCMATK To serve God well, God’s people need to get alone with Him regularly so He can prepare us. Looking at it now, it seems focused more on my third Division.   It does imply the first and second Divisions, but I want to better embrace all three Divisions. Let’s adjust it: Serving God will involve rejection and success, so God’s people need to get alone with Him so He can prepare us. Does that sound better?   What does your Aim look like? That’s all for today.   I understand the main takeaway of the passage to be that serving God will bring both success and rejection and that I nee

Homiletics Training: Subject Sentence

Welcome back!   We’re talking about the Subject Sentence today!   Your Subject Sentence must be ten words or less.   It must be grammatically correct.   It must touch upon each of your Divisions.   It must identify where you are in Scripture.   Sound simple?   It can be very challenging and a lot of fun to craft your Subject Sentence. Often, I will start this process by writing words that I think are important to include.   For example, I wrote these words: “Jesus Nazareth cliff Capernaum authority healing demons out solitary place” for Luke 4:14-44.   Then I shaved and massaged and added and subtracted and smoothed.   And came up with this: “After teaching Nazareth and Capernaum, Jesus seeks a solitary place.” It’s exactly ten words. It is grammatically correct.   I would’ve liked to write, “After teaching in Nazareth and Capernaum,” but that would’ve put me at 11 words, so I embraced the idea that Jesus taught the towns. It touches on each of my Divisions. It gi

Homiletics Training: Divisions

Alright, we’re back.   I hope you’re using your own Content for this, but you will find mine here ( ).   We’re looking at Divisions today.   You will have between two and four Divisions.   You still want to use wording directly from the Scripture passage.   Look at your Content.   Where do you see natural breaks in the passage?   Look for words like: Then, After, Therefore, When.   Look for changes in scenery or tone. You cannot create a Division in the middle of a piece of Content.   For example, I cannot create a Division for 4:14-30.   I must break at verse 29 or go all the way to verse 32 because I wrote my Content grouping those verses. So, where do you see natural breaks?   I see 4:14-29 (or 30) and 4:30 (31)-44 which has Jesus in Nazareth in the 1 st Division and Capernaum in the 2 nd .   I also see 4:14-29 (or 30), 4:30 (31)-36 and 4:37-44 which shows Jesus in the synagogue in Nazareth, in the

Homiletics Training: Content

Homiletics .   By definition, “homiletic” is the art of preaching or writing sermons.   I think we would all agree that our pastors study the Bible thoroughly to deliver sermons every Sunday to their congregations.   The beautiful news is that every child of God can use this discipline to study the Bible for themselves. As a member of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Leadership, part of my required preparation each week is to prepare homiletics for the passage we are studying.   BSF offers an engaging seminar on how to use this method to study the Scriptures.   I’ve taken the seminar several times under two different leaders and I’ve learned something new every time I’ve attended.   I’ve also been doing the process of homiletics for over ten years and I can say that there is no better teacher than the Holy Spirit in this process!   So keep practicing.   Keep sharing and discussing.   I’ve been posting my homiletics on this blog for quite a while, now.   And I would like to share wit

Homiletics 5:1-6:11

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 5:1-3 J stdg Lk Gennesaret,ppl crwdg&listng2WoG;2boats,fishrmn washg nets;got in boat,Simon’s,taught 4-6 fin spkg,2Sim:deep h20,dn nets;S:wrkd all nite, caught anythg,bec u say, I dn net;lg#fish,net beg brk 7-9 signald prtnrs sos,filld both boats,beg sink; SP fell@J knees:I sinfl mn;he/cmpnions astonishd@catch 10-11 so were Jas&Jn;J: be afraid, now u fish4ppl;boats ashore,left everythg, followed Hm   12-13 mn w/leprsy saw J,fell2grd,beggd:L if willng,u can mk me cln;J touch:I willng,b cln;immed lprsy left 14-16 J: tell any1,go prst,sacrfice;yet news spread,crowds cm2hear&b healed;J often w/d2lonly plc2pray 17-20 J tchg,Phar/toL there;men carry paralz man up roof, lowrd thru tiles in frt J;J saw faith:ur sins 4gvn 21-22 Phar&toL thinkg:who spk blsphmy?Who 4gv sins but G?J knew thinkg:Yu thinkg these things in ♥ 23-24 which easier2say:ur sins 4gvn or get up/walk