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Praise Him! - Psalm 150:2

The Great And Powerful God! God isn’t a fake like the Wizard of Oz! He really is the great and powerful God! He’s Got the Power Power is strength, force, effectiveness, control, authority, among other things. Look up the word “power” in the dictionary for a greater picture of what is encompassed in such a small word. Note any additional insight into the word “power” in the margin. The Bible is full of stories depicting God’s acts of power. Some of these include creation, redemption, and grace. Read the following encounters, then take a few minutes to record your thoughts and observations about God’s power. (Exodus 14:21-22, Acts 9:1-22, I Kings 18:22-38, Luke 1:26-45, John 11:41-44) Can you wrap your mind around this concept? Take your time. Each of these examples can be overwhelming - like contemplating the size of the universe. The power of God can part the sea to reveal dry ground. The power of God can bring a terrorist to his knees before Christ and make him a mighty evangel