Thursday, December 06, 2018

Homiletics: 1 Samuel 21-24

Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.D2Nob-Ahimelek(pr)trembld:yu alone?D:king mission,men meet me;Gv5loavs;A:no ord br(1Sa 21:1-3)

2.consec br if kept frm wm;D:men’s bods holy;A gv br;S’s svt Doeg(chf shep)there;D:u hv spr/sword(4-8)

3.A:sword Gol here,take;D fled2Achish-Gath;svt Achish:Is D,king?Sing S slain 1000s,D 10s o 1000s?(9-11)

4.D afraid,prtnd madman,marks doors,saliva dn beard;Ach:am I short of madmen that u brg2me(11-15)


5.D2cave Adullam,bros heard,went;those in distress,debt,discntnt-he becm cmdr,abt400men(1Sa22:1-2)

6.D2Mizpah2kingoMoab:my fr/mr stay w/u?Lft em;ProphGad:stay strghld,goJudah,D2forest Hereth(3-5)

7.S hrd Ddscvrd,w/spear undr tree,2off:sonoJes gv u fields/vnyds?Mk u cmdrs?Is that yu conspire?(6-8a)

8.1 tell me son cvnt/incitd svt;Doeg:sonoJes cm2Ahimelek@Nob,A inqrdL4hm,gv prov/sword(8b-10)

9.S sent4A/fam;2A:yu conspre loyal as D,s-i-l,cpt o bodygd,1stxinqirL4hm;accusefam(11-15)

10.k ordr gard2kill prs bec side w/D;off unwillng;Doeg struck dn85/Nob m,w,c,inf,cattl,dnkys,shp(16-19)

11.1son-Abiathar-esc/join D,told D S kill prs;D:Doeg there,knew he tell S, I resp4death;stay,u safe(20-23)


12.D told Phil ft Keilah,?L:go?L ans:go;men fraid;D?L,L:go;D/men ft,savd Keilah;Abi brt ephod(1Sa23:1-6)

13.S told D2Keilah,call frces4battl;D learnd S plot,2Abi:brg ephod;Saul cm?L:y;Keilah surrdr me?L:y(7-12)

14.D&men 600 left;S told D esc,go:D wildrnss;S srch:D@Horesh;Jon2D:afraid,ub king,I2nd,cvnt(13-18)

15.Ziphites2S@Gibeah:Isnt D strghld@Horesh?S:L blss u,get mo info;they2Ziph,D in Dsrt oMaon(19-24)

16.S2DsrtMaon1side Mt,D othr;S clos in,msgr:Cm,Phil raid,S went,Sela Hammahlekoth;D2En Gedi(25-29)


17.S told D En Gedi;S tool 3000 2 look;cave S rel self,D/men far bk,D cut robe,conscnc strickn(1Sa 24:1-5)

18.2men:4bid I lay hand on L anointd;S left;D went out,calld S,bowd;L delvd u,I spared u;see robe(6-11)

19.L aveng wrongs u dn2me;v.whom u cm out?L judge btween us;S wept:u mo rteous,u kill me(12-18)

20.L reward u,u be king,swear u kill my desc/wipe out my name;D gv oath;S retn hm,D2strnghld(19-22)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.David receives Goliath’s sword from Ahimelek the priest, flees to Gath and behaves like a madman before King Achish’s men. (1Sa 21)

Principle: Jesus’s people experience challenges yet move forward with the help of godly people.

2.David flees to Adullam, leaves his father and mother in Moab, while Saul’s shepherd, Doeg, kills 85 priests including Ahimelek and every living thing in Nob; Ahimelek’s son Abiathar escapes and joins David. (1 Sa 22)

Principle: Jesus’ people experience fear and persecution and persevere by helping others.

3.David inquires of the Lord and saves Keilah, escapes to the wilderness, makes another covenant with Jonathan and evades Saul. (1 Sa 23)

Principle: Jesus’ people experience answers to prayer and are drawn to increasingly inquire of Him.

4.David cuts Saul’s robe, Saul declares David’s righteousness and David gives an oath not to wipe out Saul’s name. (1 Sa 24)

Principle: Jesus’ people experience conviction and come to repent.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

David flees, Doeg kills 85+ and David cuts Saul’s robe.

David takes Goliath’s sword, leaves parents in Moab, saves Keilah and cuts Saul’s robe. –became-

David takes Goliath’s sword, protects parents, saves Keilah and cuts Saul’s robe. –became-

David flees Saul, takes Goliath’s sword, and cuts Saul’s robe.

*David flees, takes Goliath’s sword, protects parents and spares Saul.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, Desire, etc.):

TCMATK When you flee an enemy, mourn a friend, protect a family member or fight a battle, God hears, guides, comforts and protects His people. –became-

*Wherever you go and whatever you do, God hears, guides, comforts and protects His people.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about heart change):

1.Who do you run to for encouragement and support and how does that relationship motivate you to be a supportive encourager to someone else who needs it?

2.In what area(s) are you obsessing about yourself and how might you change your focus to point another to God for their protection or provision?

3.What needs to change so you’ll inquire of the Lord more often this week?

4.Where do you need to commit to waiting on God rather than laying a hand on His anointed?