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Homiletics: Acts15:1-35

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 15:1-2 certn ppl cm frm Judea2Ant tchg belvrs:unless circmcsd, saved ;P&B apptd go Jerus2c apost abt qu 3 trvld thru Phoenicia&Samaria,told abt how Gents convrt,belvrs glad 4-6 Jerus,wlcmd,rptd what G done;som Phar:Gents must circmcsd,kp law;apostls/eldrs met2considr qu 7-9 aftr disc,P:G md choix Gents hr Gospl;G showd accpt by gv HS;He discrmn8 ,purifd their ♥ s by faith 10-11 yu try test G by puttg yoke Gents we/ancstrs bear ;thru grace LJ we/they saved   12-14 assy silnt/listnd B&P tell signs/wndrs G dn amng Gents;when fin, Jas spk:Simn desc G choix Gents 15-18 proph agree:I retn rebld D tent,restr that rest manknd seek L;even Gents do things known lng ago 19-20 my jdgmt we mk difficult 4Gents;should write2abstain food idols,sex imm,meat strangled,blood 21 4lawMoses preachd evry city frm earliest times, is read syngogs evry Sabb   22 apost/eldrs/chrch choose

Homiletics Acts 13-14

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 13:1 church Antioch proph&tchrs:Barnbs,Simeon(Niger),Lucius(Cyrene),Manaen(ami Herod Tet),Saul 2-4 they worshpg/fastg,HS:set apart B&S;aftr fast,prayd,laid hands,sent;went Seleucia,Cyprus 5-7 Salamis,proclmd wd,Jn asst;2Paphos,sorcr Bar-Jesus w/pro-consl Sergius Paulus,summB&S2hear wd 8-11 Elymas opposed,tried2turn pro-consul away frm faith;S(P):u full deceit,L hand v.u,ub blind,dkns fell 12-15 pro-consul saw/believd;S2Perga,Jn2Jerus;PisidnAnt,Sabbath,syngog:if hv encrgmt,spk 16-20 P:listen;G chose ancestrs,40y put up w/them;aftr destryg7nations,gv inhertnc;450y,judgs till Sam 21-24 askd4king,Saul(Kish,Benj)40y;David(Jesse)who carry out my will;thru descndts-J;Jn proclm bap 25-30 Jn:I the one ;residnts/rulrs Jerus recog J/sayngs of Proph;askd Pilate hv Him killd;tomb;G raised 31-38 appeard;we proclm gd news;G fulfilld;nvr dk;Dvd dk;1G raisd decay ;thru this man4gv sins

Homiletics 1 Peter 3-5

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 3:1-4 wives submt2husb,if believe ,won by behavr,purity&revrnc;beauty-inner self,gentl quiet spirit 5-6 holy wm past adorn selves, submit2husb lk Sarah,obeyed,u dtrs if u do right, gv way2fear 7-8 husb considr8 wives,respct wkr prtnr&heirs so nothg hindr prayrs;b lk-mindd,symp, ♥ ,cmpssn,hmbl 9-10 repay evil,insult;repay evil-blessing so u inhert blessg;whoevr ♥ life,see gd days kp tongue frm evil 11-13 do gd,seek peace;eyes L on rteous,ears attntv2prayr,face L v.evil;who harm u if u eager do gd 14-16 if u suffr4rt,blssd, fear threats;revere C;prep gv ans4hope w/gentlnss&respct,malcius shamd slandr 17-20 bettr2suffr4do gd;C suffrd2brng u2G;md proclmtn2imprisnd spirits disobed long ago;Noah8saved 21-22 water symb baptism,saves u by resurr of JC,at G’s rt hand,angels,auth,pwrs in subms2Him   4:1-3 T4 same attitud; live 4earthly desires,but4will G;enuf time debauch,l

Homiletics 1 Peter 1-2

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1:1-2a P2G’s elect,exiles scattrd Pontus,Galatia,Cappadocia,Asia,Bithynia;chosen acc2 4knowl Fr 2b-3 thru sanct o S,2b obed2JC:grace&pc;Praise G grt mercy gvn new birth in2 lvg hope thru resurr 4-6 in2 inhertnc nvr perish,spoil;who shieldd thru G’s pwr till cming salv;u grtly rejoice;little while suffer 7-8 these ccm,provn genuinss faith result praise,glry,honor when JC reveald;u seen Hm,love Him,filld joy 9-11 4u recvng reslt faith,salvation;concrng salv, proph spk grace2cm;trying find time/circ suffrngs Mess 12-13 srvg selves,but u;angls long2lk in2these thngs;T4 alert&sober,set hope on grace when JC revealed 14-16 conform 2evi desires when lived ignorance;as He holy,be holy in all u do;written:be holy bec I holy 17-19 Fr judge impartially,live foreignrs-revrnt fear;u redeemd w/perishbl (ne or au),precious blood C 20-25 He chosn,thru Him u belive in G;love frm ♥ 4u born