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Nothing Short of Wondrous by Regina Scott

  Nothing Short of Wondrous American Wonders Collection #2 by Regina Scott When a sassy widowed hotel owner partners with a world-weary cavalry officer to defend the country's first national park and save the last wild buffalo herd in Yellowstone from poachers, they discover that two wounded hearts can lead to one powerful love. First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Regina Scott and her publisher for sending me a copy of "Nothing Short of Wondrous" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me. "Nothing Short of Wondrous" is a refreshing read that transports the reader to Yellowstone National Park and the Hotel run by a young widow who desires to protect her son and the land she loves! Our hero is a young, strong and handsome military man with a haunting past.  He is learning to navigate the area so he can protect the land and wildl

Homiletics Acts 8

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Saul approved killing,grt persecution broke out,all except Apost scattered;godly men buried Steph(1-2) 2.Saul began destroy church,dragged m/w prison;those scattered preached(3-4) 3.Philip to Samaria;crowds paid attn;impure spirits out,lame healed;grt joy in city(5-8) 4.Simon sorcery boasted he great;ppl gave him attn;he amazed w/sorcery(9-11) 5.believed Philip,were baptized;Simon believed,was baptized,followed Philip(12-13)   6.apostles sent Peter John Samaria;arrived,prayed new believers receive HS;HS not yet come(14-16) 7.P&J placed hands,they recd HS;Simon saw Spirit given laying hands,offered $;give me ability(17-19) 8.P:your $ perish w/you,thought you could buy gift;you no share this ministry,heart not right(20-21) 9.Repent,pray He forgive;you full of bitterness,captive to sin;Simon:pray for me;P&J retd Jerus(22-25)   10.AoL to Philip:go south;met eunuch in charge treasu

Homiletics Genesis 13-14

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.A went w/wife,everything,Lot;wealthy livestock,silver,gold(13:1-2) 2.place2place2Bethel where tent earlier;where 1 st built altar(3-4) 3.Lot had flocks,herds,tents;land could not support together;quarreling between herders(5-7) 4.A2L:let’s quarreling ;part co,;Lot saw plain Jordan well watered,like Egypt;chose,set out(8-11) 5.A lived Canaan,Lot lived near Sodom;ppl Sodom wicked sinning greatly(12-13) 6.L2A:look N,S,E,W;all land you see I give you offspring forever;offspr like dust,count(14-16) 7.Go walk through length, breadth;Abram went live Hebron,built altar(17-18)   8.Amraphel (king Shinar),Arioch (Eliasar),Kedorlaomer (Elam),Tidal (Goyim)(14:1) 9.war against Bera (Sodom),Birsha (Gomorrah),Shinab (Admah),Shemeber(Zeboyim),(Bela/Zoar)(2) 10.latter kings joined forces Valley Siddim;12y subj to Kedorlaomer,13 th y rebelled(3-4) 11.14 th y Kedolaomer/kings def Rephaites,Zuzites,Emite

Homiletics Acts 7

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.hp ask Steph:chgs true?repl:G of glory appeard2Abraham b4 Harran;leave country/ppl,go(7:1-3) 2.left,settled Harran,after death fr,G sent to this land;G promisd desc poss land;400y desc enslaved(4-6) 3.punish nation,after worship me this place;gave A covenant circ,A fr Isaac fr Jacob fr 12 patriarchs(7-8) 4.patriarchs jealous Joseph,sold,G w/him;rescued him, gave wisdom,Phar made ruler Egypt/palace(9-10) 5.famine, ancestors find food;Jacob heard grain Egypt,sent forefathers;2 nd visit,Jos told bros(11-13) 6.Jos sent for fr;Jacob went Egypt;bodies brought bk Shechem;time near G fulfill prom # ppl incr(14-17) king;dealt treacherously;Moses born, 3 mos cared for by fam; placed outside,Phar dtr son(18-21) 8.Moses educated pwerful speech/action;40yo visited Israelites;mistreated,defense kill Egyptian(22-24) 9.Moses thot ppl realize G rescue;next day 2 Israel fightg;man push Moses:who

Homiletics Genesis 11:10-12:20

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Shem’s family line,2y after flood,Shem 100 fr Arphaxad;after lived 500y, other sons/dtrs (11:10-11) 2.Arph 35 fr Shelah;after lived 403y, other s/dtrs;Shelah 30 fr Eber;after lived 403y,other s/dtr(12-15) 3.Eber 34 fr Peleg;after lived 430y,other s/dtr;Peleg 30 fr Reu;after lived 209y, other s/dtr(16-19) 4.Reu 32 fr Serug;after lived 207y,other s/dtr;Serug 30 fr Nahor;after lived 200y,other s/dtr(20-23) 5.Nahor 29 fr Terah;after lived 119y,other s/dtr;Terah 70 fr Abram, Nahor, Haran(24-26) 6.Terah fr A,N,H, Haran fr Lot;Haran died Ur;Abram’s wife Sarai,Nahor’s wife Milkah(27-29) 7.Sarai childless;Terah took Abram, Lot Sarai Canaan, Harran settled;Terah 205y Died Harran(30-32)   8.L2Abram:go;great nation, bless you,name great, be blessing;all ppls blessed through you(12:1-3) 9.A 75yo set out from Harran;Sarai, Lot, possessions, ppl, Canaan arrived;traveled through Shechem(4-6) 10.L:2offs