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Homiletics Exodus 32:1-33:6

Contents ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture ):   Where?                   Desert, Mt. Sinai             Who?   God, Moses, Joshua, Aaron, Israelites 1 32:1-3 When people saw M long in coming down mtn, they gathered around A: make us gods, as for M, we don’t know what happened to him; A: take off gold earrings, bring to me; people took off, brought them. 2 32:4-6 He took, made into idol in shape of calf, fashioning w/tool, they: these your gods who brought you out of E; when A saw, built altar in front of calf: tomorrow be festival to Lord; next day people rose early/sacrificed burnt off/presented fellowship off, afterward sat to eat/drink, got up to indulge in revelry. 3 32:7-10 LtoM: go, people corrupt, quick to turn away, made idol, bowed and sacrificed to it & said: these your gods, brought you out of E; they stiff-necked, now leave so my anger burn and I may destroy

Homiletics Genesis 12:1-13:4

21 March 2013 Contents:             Where?                   Haran, Canaan, Egypt                                    Who?   Abram, Lot, Sarai, Pharaoh 1   12:1-2 God told Abram to leave country, relatives, father’s house and go where I show you and I will make you great nation, bless you, make your name great & you’ll be a blessing. 2 12:3 I bless those who bless you, curse those who curse you, in you all families of earth be blessed. 3 12:4-5 At 75, Abram departed Haran with Lot, Sarai, possessions and people to Canaan. 4 12:6-9 God promised land to Abram’s descendants at oak of Moreh, Abram pitched tent between Bethel and Ai, built altar and called on God then went toward Negev. 5 12:10-13 Abram went to Egypt because of famine, saying Sarai was sister so Egyptians wouldn’t kill Abram. 6 12:14-16 Egyptians thought her beautiful, Pharaoh took her and treat

Stronger by Angela Thomas – Week 1

God is Stronger than Everything This first week was a great opportunity to get better acquainted with the ladies in this new Bible study group and discuss our thoughts about strength. What are some examples of what you think it means to be strong?   I chose a couple of things.   First of all, the midwives in Egypt who were told to kill the Hebrew babies but instead they delivered the children and lied to Pharaoh.   Also, the men and women of the Underground Railroad who helped slaves escape from Southern plantations to the North.   These people all feared God more than they feared what men could do to them. I want to fear God more than man.   What about you?   What is your definition of strength?

Homiletics Exodus 25-31

Contents ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture ):   Where?                   Mt. Sinai             Who?   Moses, God 1 25:1-7 LtoM: tell Israel bring offering: gold, silver, bronze, blue, purple, scarlet yarn, fine linen, goat hair, ram skins dyed red, another durable leather, acacia wood, olive oil, spices, onyx, other gems. 2 25:8-22 Have them make sanctuary for me, make exactly like pattern I show you; make ark of acacia wood overlay w/gold, cast 4 gold rings, fasten to feet; make poles of acacia overlay w/gold, insert into rings of ark to carry, pole remain, not removed; put in tablets I give you; make atonement cover of gold, 2 cherubim of hammered gold at ends, one piece w/cover, wings spread up, facing each other looking toward cover; place cover on ark, put in tablets of covenant law; above cover, between cherubim I meet w/you, give you commands. 3 25:23-40 Make tabl