Monday, April 17, 2006

The Premiere

I have quite a few friends with whom I have shared hours of discussion about the Lord and the Bible who have moved away and joined other study groups. Since I began saying goodbye to these beautiful individuals, my dream has been to create a forum where the miles melt away. This blog is the realization of that dream.

Friends, this is intended to be a reunion of sorts, and a place to meet others who share our passion for Jesus and His Instruction Book. I will post ideas and begin discussions that will encourage us to open the Bible and strengthen our prayer lives. We will study the Word and share devotions and grow together while we are apart.

Starting in May, we will begin a study I did with my church last summer called “Living the Blameless Life” based on Psalm 15. I will post excerpts from the workbook we used and we will discuss one verse of the Psalm at a time. So, check back next month to be part of this experience.

I look forward to many Bible studies taking place right here at our fingertips. So, be sure to bookmark this site before you leave.