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Homiletics Exodus 2:11-25

Contents ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture ):   Where?                  Egypt, Midian   Who?   Moses, Reuel, Zipporah, Gershom 1 2:11-12 When Moses grown, went unto brethren, looked on burdens, spied Egyptian smiting Hebrew, looked this way and that, saw no man, slew Egyptian/hid him in sand. 2 2:13-14 2nd day, behold two Hebrews strove: “Wherefore smitest thou thy fellow”;   “Who made thee judge over us?   Intendest thou kill me as Egyptian?”   Moses feared: “thing is known”. 3 2:15 P heard/sought to slay M, M fled, dwelt in Midian/sat by well. 4 2:16-17 priest of Midian 7 daughters, drew water, filled troughs, water father’s flock; shepherds drove them away, M helped/watered flock. 5 2:18-19 Reuel (father): “How ye come so soon today?” They: “Egyptian delivered us of shepherds, drew enough/watered flock.”

Homiletics Genesis 1

Written 4 March 2013 Contents:             Where?                   Earth                                    Who?   God, Spirit of God 1 1-2 In the beginning God created heavens and earth and Spirit moved over water’s surface. 2 3-4 God said, “Let there be light” and there was and it was good and He separated light from darkness. 3 5 God called light “day” and darkness “night”, evening/morning, first day. 4 6-8 God said, “Let there be expanse to separate waters” above and below called heaven, evening/morning, second day. 5 9-13 God said, “Let waters gather and dry land appear” – seas and earth – “Let earth sprout vegetation/seed/fruit” – evening/morning, third day. 6 14-19 God said, “Let there be lights”: greater - day, lesser – night, stars – evening/morning, fourth day. 7 20-23 God said, “Let waters teem with creatures and birds fly – be fr

The Book of Revelation by Chuck Missler – Hour 23 – Revelation 20

After a brief reminder about the hermeneutics possibilities, we dive straight into the gospel of Luke and our interpretation of God’s promise to give Jesus the throne of David as proof of our literal interpretation if we take the promise seriously.   Other promises are discussed as is the Bride - the church. Once again, Dr. Missler runs us through the key aspects of the Jewish wedding ceremony.   It’s nearly impossible not to feel chills running down your spine as you come to the understanding that we, as believers, are actively involved in this series of blessed events!   What a thrill to be the Bride of Christ! So, it looks like Jesus will rule from David’s throne during the millennium.   Other key happenings during this time frame include Satan being bound in the bottomless pit for the 1000 years.   We’ve repeatedly heard Chuck say that there are some people out there who believe that the Millennium has already begun.   If that’s the case, Satan’s chain is too long!   I thin

Homiletics How To and Exodus 1:1-2:10

There are tons of methods for doing homiletics.   All you have to do is type “homiletics” into Google and tons of links and files pop up with information on the execution of the exercise.   If you’re reading this post, you probably already know that homiletics is a method of Bible study designed to take a passage of Scripture and transform it into a sermon or lesson.   You don’t have to be a preacher to study the Bible using homiletics techniques.   You can do it for your own personal study or to prepare a Bible study lesson. One bit of advice: it’s not necessarily bad to learn from several different teachers several techniques for homiletics, but I think you need to work with one set of guidelines for a while to develop your own style and confidence.   Otherwise, you might get frustrated and quit using homiletics altogether.   Homiletics is very personal.   It’s how God talks to you .   No two people will have the same homiletics when they’re done, but I have seen very similar