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Homiletics Mark 10

 Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.J went across Jordan, ppl, taught;Phar:lawful divorce? What Mos cmd? Mos permitted div(10:1-4) 2.bec heart hard Mos wrote;at beginning G md m/f;m lv fr/mr, united wife;2 bec 1;G joined(5-9) 3.disc asked; div wife,marries another,adultery;div husb,marries another,adultery(10-12)   4.ppl bringing children,disc rebuke;let children cm,koG belongs2these;any1 rec koG lk child enter (13-15) 5.took children, blessed;man:gd tchr,inherit eternal life? No1 gd except G;you know cmdmts(16-19) 6.kept since boy;sell everythg,gv2poor;face fell,went sad;hard4rich enter koG;hard enter koG(20-24) 7.easier camel eye of needle;disc:who can be saved?all possible w/G(25-27) 8.P:we left everythg;no1 left 4me fail to rec100x;first last, last first;2Jerus,disc astonished(28-32) 9.going to Jerus,SoM death;mock, spit, flog, kill, 3d rise;Jas/Jn:do whatever we ask;what;sit rt/lt(33-37) 10.u know what ask, u drink

Homiletics: Mark 9

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.some taste death b4 koG cm pwr;Peter,James,John mountain transfigured;clothes dazzling wt(9:1-3) 2.Elijah Moses;P:gd be here 3 shelters;frightened;cloud,voice:mySon,love,listen;suddenly Jesus(4-8) 3.J orders tell until risen;what “risen” meant;y tol say Elijah 1 st ;E does cm 1 st ,restores,y SoM suffer(9-12) 4.E has cm&they done as wished(13)   5.disc,lg crowd,tol arguing;saw J ran to Him;what arguing about?(14-16) son poss,rob spch;ask disc drive out,couldn’t;unbelvg gen,bring boy;spirit saw J,convulsion(17-20) long,from childhood;often thrown fire water kill;everything poss for who believes(21-23) 8.immed:I do,help overcm unbelief;saw crowd running,rebuked;spirit out,boy like corpse(24-26) 9.J lifted2feet;why we couldn’t drive out;only by prayer(27-29) 10.left,thru Galilee,J want any1 know where were;SoM deliverd,kill,3d rise; understand ,afraid ask(30-32)   11.

Homiletics: Mark 8

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.lg crowd nothing to eat;I have compassion,3 days nothing eat(8:1-2) 2.if send hungry,collapse;where get enough bread(3-4) many loaves? Seven;crowd sit,thanks,broke distribute(5-6) 4.a few small fish,distribute;ste,satisfied,seven basketfuls left over;4000 present(7-9) 5.boat Dalmanutha;Phar question, to test ask for sign;sighed,no sign be given;left,boat other side(10-13) 6.disc forgot bread,one loaf;beware yeast Phar,Herod;bec we have no bread;y u talk about bread(14-17) 7.eyes fail see,ears fail hear, remember ;5 loaves,5000,basketfuls? 12;7 loaves,4000,basketfuls?7(18-20) 8.still understand ?(21)   9.Bethsaida, blind man;spit on eyes,see?;ppl like trees walking;hands eyes,sight restored(22-25) 10.sent home, go village(26) 11.J/disc villages around Caes Phil,who ppl say I;John Bap,Elijah,proph;who you say,P:Messiah(27-29) 12. tell anyone(30)   13.began teach SoM suffer

Homiletics: Mark 7

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Phar/tol gathered around J;disc eating hands unwashed(7:1-2) 2.Phar/Jews eat unless hands washing,tradition;other traditions:washing cups pitchers,kettles(3-4) 3.Phar/tol2J:why disc eat defiled hands;Isa right,honor lips,hearts far;worship vain,tchg hum rules(5-7) 4.u let go cmds G,hold hum trad;Moses:honor fr/mr;u:declare Corban;no do anything4fr/mr(8-12) 5.nullify woG by tradition(13) 6.J:listen,understand;nothing outside defile, what comes out defiles;(he who has ears to hear…)(14-16) 7.left crowd,disc asked;nothing outside can defile;all foods clean(17-19) 8.what comes out defiles;from heart evil thoughts;evils from inside defile(20-23)   9.J left, could not keep presence secret;woman dtr possessed came;Greek,begged J(24-26) 10.first let children eat;dogs eat children’s crumbs;go,demon left dtr;she home demon gone(27-30)   11.J left Tyre;ppl brought man deaf/hardly talk;put fing

The Beautiful Ashes of Gomez Gomez | Buck Storm

Literary Americana fiction filled with humor and heart When his wife, Angel, is killed in a head-on collision, Gomez Gomez feels he can't go on--so he doesn't. He spends his days in the bushes next to the crash site drinking Thunderbird wine, and his nights cradling a coffee can full of Angel's ashes. Slow, sure suicide, with no one for company but the snakes, Elvis's ghost, and a strange kid named Bones. Across town, Father Jake Morales plays it safe, haunted by memories of the woman he left behind, hiding his guilt, loss, and love behind a thick wall of cassock and ritual. Then a shady business deal threatens the town--and his good friend Gomez Gomez--and Father Jake can't just stand by and watch. But what happens when the rescuer is the one in need of saving? The Beautiful Ashes of Gomez Gomez  is quirky, heartfelt, and deeply human. Lives and hopes collide in the town of Paradise, stretching across decades and continents in this epic story of forgiveness,

Homiletics - Mark 6

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.J2hometown,disc;Sabb synagogue amazed wisdom miracles;Mary’s son, took offense(6:1-3) 2.proph w/o honor home; miracles there,a few sick heal;amazed lack faith(4-6) 3.Twelve send 2x2;take nothing except staff;sandals not extra shirt;enter house,stay(7-10) 4.not welcome, shake dust;they went, preached repent;drove demons,sick healed(11-13)   5.Herod heard,some:Baptist raised;others: Elijah, prophet;Herod:John beheaded raised(14-16) 6.Herod ordered John prison;John: lawful bros wife;Herodias grudge,wanted kill(17-19) 7.Herod feared John protected;b’day banquet;dtr danced,pleased,ask anything;promised(20-23) mother:what/head;girl:head John platter;king distressed bec oaths/guests(24-26) 9.immed sent executioner,beheaded;presented to girl/mother;disc tk body,tomb(27-29)   10.apostles reported done.taught;many ppl chance eat;went away solitary place(30-32) 11.many saw ran ahead;J