Friday, June 01, 2007

Praise Him! - Psalm 150:4

Put On Your Boogie Shoes

Tambourine Man

Let me reiterate harmony as we discussed in the last chapter. Now, let’s add another facet: the rhythm section. If you want to throw a band into chaos, bring in an out-of-sync percussion instrument. A bad beat will knock the greatest of bands out of whack because it sets the pace. The beat is the backbone that all of the other instruments and voices look to for direction.

Look up a few of these scriptures involving tambourines. They are such joyful instruments. Many of these verses involve singing, dancing and other musical devices. (Exodus 15:20-21, 1 Samuel 10:5, 1 Samuel 18:6, Job 21:12, Psalm 149:3)

The Bible also tells us that instruments alone are not enough. Respect for God is a must! Read Isaiah 5:11-12. It clearly states that, even though they play the instruments at the right parties, these men are indulging their own desires of the flesh. They don’t respect what the Lord has done. This tells me that there’s no point in having a party complete with music if you can’t keep God where He belongs – in the forefront of your heart and mind.

Gotta Dance

The Treasury of David at the website says that “…this form of worship set forth the most jubilant and exultant of worship. The hands and the feet were both employed, and the entire body moved in sympathy with the members… If men are dull in the worship of the Lord our God they are not acting consistently with the character of their religion.”

I am sorry that I didn’t get out of my seat and dance on that Sunday morning, Kirk. If I had it to do over again, I’d like to think that I’d jump right up and join you, but I’m not so sure. Perhaps one day, we’ll get another chance to find out.

Dancing expresses joy and passion. It is a way to celebrate. Don’t let the scowl of others stop you. David didn’t let Michal stop him from praising God. Remember the movie Footloose? Kevin Bacon’s character, Ren, moves to an uptight little town that has outlawed parties and dancing. The town preacher says that dancing is improper. When Ren stands before the town to ask them to allow the High School seniors to have a dance, he quotes Ecclesiastes 3:4 and 2 Samuel 6:16. Look them up for yourself.

While you’re at it, here is another scripture for you to check out: Psalm 30:11-12. What do you think of that? Does it make you feel like dancing? When was the last time you danced the night away with Jesus?

Pulling Strings

We’ve talked about the harp and lyre already. Since Psalm 150 mentions strings as well, the writer is probably referring to other stringed instruments like the lute and the guitar although neither of these instruments is actually mentioned in scripture.

If you take a moment to look up Psalm 45:8, you’ll see that the strings are also happy instruments. They contribute to the overall sound of a band, and they are quite capable of commanding attention on their own. Have you ever been to a concert where there wasn’t a guitar solo? In fact, last Sunday, our Pastor coaxed one of the members of our congregation to get up and play a few measures of “Smoke On The Water” with our praise band. That was different.

Speaking of guitar solos, if you love the guitar, you must check out the movie Crossroads with Ralph Macchio and Jami Gertz. The guitar-playing throughout the movie is wonderful, but there is one scene near the end of the film where Ralph’s character is “cutting heads” with another guitarist (played by rocker Steve Vai) to save his soul. The solo (actually played by Vai in real life) is AMAZING! Mozart on electric guitar – you haven’t lived until you’ve heard it!!!


The flute is a wind instrument. What a simple phrase to put on paper, but the implications are so personal. Wind instruments are so named because they are played with the musician’s breath. There is an intimate relationship between musician and instrument because the person must blow into the device. Sharing breath is not something to be taken lightly. Consider how personal a kiss is.

Flute in the Bible are associated with merry-making, laments, call to worship, and passion. Here are some verses for you to check out: Jeremiah 48:36, Daniel 3:5, 1 Corinthians 14:7. Can you almost hear the light, fluttery music as you read?

If you’re taking the Challenge, review Psalm 150:1-3 and memorize Psalm 150:4

Recommendations for Praise

Music: Hillsongs, Tammy Trent
Devotions: The Finishing Touch by Charles Swindoll

That’s praise?

Keeping God in mind, do one or more of the following as an act of praising Him. Or come up with ideas of your own. What has the Lord taught you from the experience? (Walk your dog, Learn to play an instrument, Make something, Do your job as if Jesus were your boss, Dance, Go for a walk with your family)