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Homiletics Acts 2

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Pentecost together;sound violent wind from heaven;tongues fire separated rest(1-3) 2.filled HS other tongues;G-fearing Jews every nation;bewilderment heard own language(4-6) 3.Galileans?;how our native language?;Parthians,Medes,Elamites,Mesopotamia,Judea,Cappadocia(7-9a) 4.Pontus,Asia;Phrygia,Pamphylia,Egypt,Libya nr Cyrene,Rome;Cretans,Arabs,declaring wonders G(9b-11) 5.amazed perplexed:what this mean?;some made fun:wine(12-13)   6.P:listen; drunk ,9 morning;this spoken prophet Joel;last days pour Spirit;men women,prophesy(14-18) 7.wonders blood,fire,smoke;sun2dkness,moon2blood b4day L;every1 calls name L saved(19-21) 8.J accredited by G;handed over G’s plan,death cross;G raised(22-24) 9.David:L always before me;heart glad,tongue rejoice; let holy 1 decay;fill me joy Your presence(25-28) 10.David died,tomb here;knew G place desc throne;spoke resurr of Mess;G raised J,we witnesses(29-3

Homiletics Acts 1

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.former bk wrote J began do/teach;until tkn hvn after instructions through HS to Apostles(1:1-2) 2.after suffering,many proofs 40 days; leave Jerus, wait for gift Father promised(3-4) baptized w/HS(5)   4.L you restore kingdom to Israel;not for you to know;you receive power,witnesses end earth(6-8) 5.taken up;they looking up, suddenly 2 men;why looking sky,J come bk same way(9-11) 6.Apostles returned Jerusalem; went upstairs where staying(12-13) 7.all constantly prayer, women, Mary mother, brothers(14)   8.Peter stood group 120;Scripture fulfilled concerning Judas;he shared ministry(15-17) 9.bought field, intestines spilled; everyone Jerusalem heard(18-19) 10.Psalms: place deserted, another take leadership(20) 11.Choose one with us; from John’s baptism to when J taken(21-22) 12.nominated Joseph (Barsabbas aka Justus), Matthias; prayed Lord show us which; take over(23-25) 1

Homiletics: Mark 11

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Bethphage/Bethany,J sent2;go village colt untie;any1 ask?L needs,send bk(11:1-3) 2.found colt,untied;ppl asked what doing;they ans,ppl let go;brought colt J,sat(4-7) 3.ppl spread cloaks/branches road;Hosanna! Blessed cms nom L;Blessed coming kingdom David(8-10) 4.J enter Jerus, late, Bethany(11) day,J hungry;fig tree,not seas figs;no1 eat fruit from you(12-14) 6.Jerus temple driving out buying/selling, money changers; allow carry mds thru courts(15-16) prayer/den robbers;CP/toL lk2kill;evening J/disc out of city(17-19)   8.morn fig tree withered from roots;P:tree you cursed withered;have faith(20-22) 9.say mt into sea, doubt ,done;ask prayer believe yours;forgive so Fr forgive you(23-25) 10.( forgive Fr forgive you(26))   11.arr Jerus,J temple, CR/toL came;who gv you authority(27-28) 12.question,you ans,I tell;John’s baptism-heaven? human?(29-30) 13.if we s