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Turning 40 (What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger - even if we do wish we were dead!)

My 39 th year was a rough one. I watched my husband grieve the loss of BOTH of his parents, tried to help my children grieve their Grandparents in their own way, and dealt with the loss for myself. Then, I lost my Granddaddy. He was the first person I ever loved - a great friend and role model and I miss him. My Aunt had a series of strokes that kept her and my Uncle from attending my Lil’ Sister’s wedding. The final week as a woman in my thirties hasn ’t been any easier. My cousin arrived at the airport in Florida to fly to Vegas because she is in my Sister’s wedding. Instead of boarding, she ended up in the hospital having emergency surgery for appendicitis. While visiting with one of my Brothers, I shared about my frustration over a watermelon plant that is overtaking my yard, but producing nothing! I have threatened to pull it up by the roots. He told me about having the same experience with a pumpkin plant when he was a kid. I guess misery really does love company. Th

Blameless Life - Psalm 15:3

Backbiteth Not! Verse 3 in the KJV actually says “who backbiteth not.” I love that. You absolutely cannot sugar-coat that one. Sadly, I confess that I have been a master slanderer. I’ve struggled for years to break the hold that this generational sin has had upon my life. Jesus never bad-mouthed anybody. Once again, I wish I could make that claim. The good news is that I can ask forgiveness and repent of my bad behavior when God makes me aware of it and get another chance. And since I am aware of my vulnerability in this area, I can bathe myself with prayer over it and avoid situations where the temptation to participate in such things arises. To be blunt, slander is a vicious lie! When was the last time you slandered someone? When were you last the victim of slander? How did it feel to be on each side of this sin? Would you like to know what else the Bible says about slander? Take a look at John 8:44. Whoa! This is a habit worth changing. When I am face-to-face with God, I want