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The God Dare by Kate Battistelli

I’ve been reading this amazing book I received in the Yada Missions Bible Journaling subscription box.   This book has brought a new friend into my life.   My newest “friend” and sister in Christ is Kate Battistelli.   If her name soumds familiar, that’s probably because she is Grammy Award-Winning Artist Francesca Battistelli’s Mom.   She is also the author of “The God Dare”.   Kate captured my devotion right away.   Her frankness and transparency rocks me to my core with each personal story.   She shares her life and parallels in Scripture the way I want a true friend to sit down with me over coffee.   This book has made me laugh and brought me to tears.   Kate has encouraged me and convicted me and pushed me down the road on my journey with Jesus!   Each of this beautiful book’s eighteen chapters can be read as a devotional.   Each chapter ends with a few verses of Scripture to meditate on and/or memorize.   There are also some “takeaways” to contemplate.   Finally, there are se

Homiletics: Luke 17:11-19:27

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 17:11-15 on way Jerus,J travl bordr Sam&Gal;10men leprosy:hv mrcy:J:sho selvs2prsts,cleansd,1cm bk 16-23 thx,Samrtn;J:ou othr9?Faith md u well;Phar:when koG cm,cmng obsrvd ;ppl:there he is, go running 24-30 SoM lk lghtng,1 st suffr;as days Noah,ppl eat,drink,marry,flood dstroy;days Lot,sulfur destroy;lk this 31-37 that day,poss insd, get ;rmbr Lot wf;woevr kp life lose;2ppl1tkn;2wmgrind1tkn;ou ded vult gthr   18:1-8 parabl alwys pray, gv up;jdge: bec widow bothr me she get justc;G justc4chosn who cry out;quick 9-14 2confidnt own rtness:tmpl2pray Phar,tx coll;Phar:I lk othrs,fast,gv;tx coll:hv mrcy me sinnr;justfd 15-18 ppl brng babes,disc rebk;J calld chldrn, hndr ;any1 rec koG lk chld enter ;rulr:gd tchr what do inhrt EL 19-21 y call me gd,no1gd xcpt G;u know cmdmts, adultery , murdr , steal , fls tstmny ,hon fr/mr;kpt since boy 22-26 sell evrythg,gv2poor,follow;sad vy

Homiletics Luke 13:10-17:10

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 13:10-14 Sabbat J tchg syngog;wm cripld18y;J:u free;immed str,praisd G;syngog ldr:6d4wk,b heald Sabb 15-20 L:hypcrts!Shldn’t wm b free;opp humilitd;J:wht koG lk?must sd → tree,birds perch;wht cmpr koG2 21-25 Yeast mixd thru dough;J tch2Jerus;sm1:L only few savd?he:enter narrow door;ownr close 26-31 we ate w/u,u taught;away evildoers;weepg/gnashg;last-1 st ,1 st -last;Phar:Herod want kill u 32-35 3 rd d goal;press on;Jerus,u kill proph,long gathr ur childrn;ur hs desolate; see me till blessed he cm 14:1-6 Sabb J eat@Phar;man swellg;J:lawfl heal Sabb?silnt,heald;child ox in2 well Sabb pull out? say 7-11 noticd guests pickd plcs honr; tk pl honr;humiliated;tk lowest plc,host mv,honrd;exalt self b humbld 12-17 gv lunch/dinnr,invite poor,u blessd/repd@resurr;blssd1eat feast koG;man prep banq,sent svt:cm 18-24 mk excuse-bought fld,oxen,married;svt rpt,owner angry:bring poor;svt:done;no

Homiletics Luke12:1-13:9

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 12:1-2 many k gathrd,tramplng,J spk 1 st 2disc: beware hypocrisy;nothg disclosed ,hidden md known 3-5 wht sd dk hrd lt,wht whisprd prclmd roofs; be afraid those kill body;fear who has auth throw into hell 6-8 5sparr sold 2penny, 1 frgttn by G;hairs #d;u wrth mo many sparr;ackn me b4 others,I ack u b4 angels 9-12 disown me,disownd;evry1spk v SoM4gvn,any1blsph HS 4gvn; b4 rulrs worry wht say;HS teach   13-14 sm1 in crowd:Tchr,tell my bro/inhrtnc;J:who apt me judg 15-18 guard v greed,life abundc poss;parbl:grd rich mn abundt hrvst;thot no pls2store;I build biggr barns 19-21 hv plnty mny yrs,tk life easy;G:fool,this nite ur life demandd,who get wht u prep4urslf 21-23 it b4who stor thngs, rich twrd G; worry abt life,eat,body,what wear;life mo thn food, body>clothes 24-26 ravens sow reap ,G feeds,mo valubl thn birds;who worrying add hr2life;y worry abt rest 27-30 flwrs lab

A Question for those who read my Homiletics posts:

Why?  Why are you reading my homiletics?  Are you in BSF?  Are you studying in seminary?  Are you comparing your own homiletics to mine?  I'm really just curious.  I did think about not posting homiletics anymore because if anyone is just copying my homiletics for an assignment, they'd be missing out on meeting with God for themselves and I would hate to be a part of someone missing out on meeting with God. So, let me know.  Why do you read my homiletics?

Homiletics Luke 11:14-54

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 14-16 J drvg demn mute,man spk,crowd amazd;some said:by Beelz Hr drv demns;othrs test askg4sign 17 J knew thots:kingdm/itslf ruind;hs/itslf fall;if Satan/hmslf how kingdm std? 18-19 I say bec u clm I drv demn by Beelz;If I drv by Beelz,by whom ur follwrs drv out,they b ur judges 20-21 If I drv by fingr oG,koG has cm upon u;whn strng man,armd,guards own hs,poss safe 22- when som1 strngr attacks/ovrpwrs,he takes armor man trusted,divides plunder 23-24 whovr w /me,v. me,whoevr gathr ,scattrs;whn impur sprt cm out,goes arid plcs seekg rest, find ,retn 25-28 finds hs swept;tk7sprts>wckd,fin cond wrse;wm:blssd mothr;He:blessd those hear woG&obey   29-30 Crwd incr,this wckd gen asks sign,none gvn exc sign Jonah;Jonah sign2Ninevts,so SoM b2this gen 31 QoS rise@judgmt&condemn;she listn Sol wisdm,smthg>Sol here 32 menof Nineveh std@judgmt&condmn,rpntd@prchg Jonah,smth