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Praise Him! - In Conclusion

Making Beautiful Music Do you praise God as you should? Would you praise Him if you could? Do you praise Him in your church? Do you praise Him in a lurch? Do you praise Him in the car? Praise Him, praise Him where you are! No, I’m not auditioning for a role in “Seussical”. I just do some pretty goofy things when I’m joyful. Praising God fills me with joy. It really amazing how I can be giving Him so much in worship, and the whole time, He’s filling me up! May I make a suggestion? We touched on this thought a bit at the very beginning of this study. You should continue to practice your praising. It will soon be our full time job in heaven – to praise our Creator and His Glorious Son! (Rev. 19:1,3) Hallelujah! If you could see me now, I’m out of my seat, spinning around with my hands in the air singing “woo hoo”. Well, not really. I’m typing. But I was doing that a few minutes ago! How Loud Is Your Love? In case you haven’t noticed, Psalm 150 is pretty loud. Many joyful noises a