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Homiletics: Jude

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Jude,svt JC/bro James,2 those calld, loved in G/Fr&kept4JC:mercy,pc,lv b urs in abundance(1-2) 2.Friends,tho I eager write u abt salv we share,I compelld write/urge u2cntnd4faith entrstd2G’s ppl(3) 3.indiv whose condemn8n written abt long ago slipd in among u ,ungodly,pervert grace,deny JC(4)   4.L del’d ppl Egypt/l8r destroyd those believe ; angels who abandnd propr dwellg ,He bound4jdgmt(5-6) 5.Sodom/Gom/surr towns gave selves up2 sex imm/perv .They ex of those who suffr pun of etern fire(7) 6.same way on strgth o dreams, these ungdly ppl pollute own bods/rej authrty/heap abus celestials (8) 7.even AAMichael,when disputg dvl abt body Moses, himself dare condemn him,”L rebuke you”(9) 8.these ppl slandr what undrstd ,& thgs undrstd by instinct’ll destroy em: Woe ! Takn way of Cain(10-11a) 9.rushd in2 Balaam’s error;destroyd in Korah’s reblln;blemishs@lv feasts; shep