Friday, October 31, 2014

Homiletics Genesis 6:1-8:19

13 March 2013

Contents:            Where?                  Earth                                   Who?  Noah, Shem, Ham Japheth

Sons of God took daughters of men as wives, creating Nephilim, so God limited lifespan.
God saw man was evil, grieved and decided to blot man out but Noah found favor in God’s eyes.
Righteous Noah fathered Shem, Ham and Japheth and the world was full of violence and corrupt.
God told Noah He would destroy earth so build ark L300xW50xH30 cubits because I am bringing floodwaters.
God establishes covenant with Noah, who will bring family and 2 of every animal (male & female) to keep alive.
God said, take food for yourself and animals, and Noah obeyed.
God told Noah to enter ark, taking 7x clean animals and birds and 2x unclean for in 7 days, I will send rain and Noah obeyed.
Noah was 600 when flood came and his family entered ark w/animals as God commanded and flood came on 17th day of 2nd month and rain fell 40 days/nights.
All entered the ark as God commanded and the Lord closed it.
Flood came for 40 days, covering mountains by 15 cubits and all flesh perished, and water prevailed on earth 150 days.
God made water subside, closed floodgates and water receded 150 days, on 17th of 7th month ark rested on Ararat and mountaintops became visible on 1st of 10th month.
After 40 days, Noah sent raven then dove but it returned; he sent dove 7 days later and it returned w/olive leaf; 7 days later dove did not return.
On 1st of 1st month in Noah’s 601st year, water dried up; 27th of 2nd month, earth was dry and God told Noah to come out, be fruitful and multiply and everything went out.
Noah built altar and made offerings, the Lord swore never to destroy all life.



God saw man was evil but Noah was righteous, so He commanded Noah to build ark and gather food for family and animals because flood is coming.
Our actions can grieve God.
God has every right to judge His creation!
God made a way to save His chosen people!  And animals too.
God instructs His chosen people.
Obedience to God’s instruction can be the difference between life and death.
Noah obeyed when God said to enter ark with family and animals, He closed them in, the flood came and all flesh perished.
God provides the sacrifice He wants us to give Him.
God keeps His word!
You are never too old to be used of God!
Waters receded and God called Noah out of the ark, then Noah offered sacrifices and God promised not to destroy mankind again.
Watching for signs that God is about to act is wise.
Waiting for God to call you out of where He put you is preferable to setting out on your own.
When God brings us through a flood, our first response should be to praise Him!


Subject Sentence:

God’s deliverance from the flood led righteous Noah to sacrifice.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMCATK that God provided a way for His chosen people to be saved from eternal damnation just as He provided a way for Noah and his family to be saved from the flood, and that we should be fruitful and praise God as a result.



How can you keep yourself from behavior that grieves God?
What action of response have you taken regarding God’s salvation provision?
What instruction has God given you lately?
When did you obey God recently when you were tempted not to?
What sacrifices have you given God recently and how did He provide them to you?
How has God kept His word to you this week?
In what way has God used you for His purposes lately?
What signs of God’s activity have you noticed recently?
Where are you waiting for God’s direction and how will you keep from setting out on your own?
What praise would you like to give God for the situations He’s delivered you from?


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wonderstruck – Week Four – The Wonder of Prayer

This week, we’re memorizing… Romans 12:12

I was wonderstruck this week by…the compassion of human beings.  I wasn’t feeling well, so I went to Quick Care hoping for a diagnosis that would explain my raw throat and aching ear.  While I was waiting, one of the triage nurses called me back to take vitals and hear my complaint when she noticed a miserable man hovering over a trash can in the waiting area.  She asked me to sit and wait while she brought this young man into the treatment area and made him more comfortable.  It may seem like a small thing, but it almost makes me cry as I type this out.

How have you noticed God’s nearness recently?  As we studied the prayers of Jesus this week, I was moved by Jesus’ confidence that the Father was right there and He was absolutely positive that His Abba heard His prayers.  I know my Abba is there even when it feels like He’s far away.  I know He hears me when I pray.  I know He hears my heart before my lips form the words.  He’s answered my prayers in ways that only He could call my attention to.  Before going to Quick Care this week, I had spent some time around several kids and hugged a few friends at church.  After I started to feel bad, I prayed that Jesus would protect these people from whatever I had.  He did this by making my affliction allergies!  Isn’t He wonderful?  J

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Homiletics Exodus 11:1-15:21

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                  Egypt, Red Sea    Who?  The Lord, Moses, Pharaoh, Israelites, Egyptian Army, Miriam

L to M: one more plague on Phar/Egypt, he drive you out; M: L says, about midnight I go thru Egypt, every firstborn son die from Phar to female slave, and cattle; loud wailing – worse than ever been/will be; you know L makes distinction betw Egypt & Israel;  L to M: Phar refuse listen you so my wonders multiplied; M&A performed wonders before Phar but L hardened Phar heart, not let Israelites go.
L to M&A in Egypt: this is 1st month of your year, tell community on 10th, each man take lamb; if household too small, they share 1 lamb w/neighbor, determine amt needed w/what each eat; choose year-old males w/o defect, sheep or goats; care until 14th, slaughter at twilight; take blood, put on sides and tops of doorframes.
Same night, eat meat roasted, w/bitter herbs and bread w/o yeast; do not eat meat raw or boiled, roast w/head, legs, organs; do not leave any till morning; eat in haste, it is Lord’s Passover; that night I pass through Egypt/strike down firstborn people/animals, bring judgment on gods of Egypt, I am Lord; when I see blood, I pass over; this day commemorate, celebrate, lasting ordinance.
For 7 days eat bread w/o yeast, 1st day remove yeast from houses, whoever eats yeast 1st-7th cut off; 1st, hold sacred assy, another on 7th, no work except prepare food; celebrate Festival Unleavened Bread, this day I brought your divisions out of Egypt; 1st month eat bread w/o yeast from evening of 14th until evening of 21st; 7 days no yeast in houses, anyone who eats yeast cut off from Israel; eat unleavened bread.
M summoned elders of Israel: go select and slaughter Passover lamb; take hyssop, dip into blood, put on top and sides of doorframe, none go out until morning; when Lord goes through land, he see blood and pass over doorway, not permit destroyer enter; obey as lasting ordinance; when enter land Lord gives, observe ceremony; when children ask what ceremony means, tell them it is Passover, people bowed and worshiped.
Israel did as commanded; midnight, Lord struck down firstborn of Egypt from Pharaoh to prisoner in dungeon and livestock; loud wailing, not a house without someone dead; Phar summoned M&A: leave, take flocks/herds, and also bless me; Egyptians urged people leave “otherwise we all die”; people took dough, did as instructed, asked Egyptians for gold/silver/clothing, Egyptians gave, so they plundered Egyptians.
Israelites journeyed from Rameses to Sukkoth, about 600 men on foot besides women/children, many other people went, livestock, flocks, herds; they baked unleavened bread; Israelite people in Egypt 430 years, @ end of 430 years to the day, Lord’s divisions left; because Lord kept vigil that night, all Israelites  keep vigil to honor Lord.
L to M&A: regulations for Passover – no foreigner may eat, slave may eat after circumcised; temp resident/hired worker may not eat it; must be eaten inside house, do not break bones; whole community of Israel must celebrate; foreigner must have all males circumcised, then may take part, no uncircumcised male eat; same law applies to native-born and foreigner; Israelites did as commanded; that very day Lord brought Israel out by divisions.
L to M: first offspring of every womb among Israelites belongs to me, human or animal; M: commemorate day because Lord brought you out with mighty hand, today (in Aviv) you leaving; when Lord brings you into land flowing w/milk and honey, observe ceremony in this month; 7 days eat bread w/o yeast, 7th day festival; on that day, tell son “I do this because of what Lord did for me when I came out of Egypt”; observance like sign on hand/forehead this law to be on your lips; keep ordinance year after year.
After Lord brings you into land of Canaanites and gives to you, you give Lord first offspring every womb; when son asks “what this mean”, say “with mighty hand Lord brought us out of Egypt/land of slavery; when Phar refused let us go, Lord killed firstborn people/animals, this why I sacrifice to Lord every firstborn and redeem sons;  when Phar let people go, God not lead through Philistine country, led by desert road toward Red Sea; M took bones of Joseph; after leaving Sukkoth, camped at Etham; by day Lord went ahead in pillar of cloud and by night pillar of fire so they could travel day or night; neither pillar left place in front of people.
L to M: tell Israelites encamp near Pi Hahiroth by sea, directly opposite Baal Zephon; Phar think Israelites wandering in confusion; I harden Phar heart, he pursue, I gain glory through Phar/army, Egyptians know I Lord; when king told people fled, Phar/officials changed minds, had chariot ready, took 600 best chariots, all other chariots, officers over all.
Lord hardened heart of Phar, Egyptians pursued Israelites and overtook by sea near Pi Hahiroth; Israelites terrified, cried out to Lord; they to M: better for us to serve Egyptians than die in desert; M: stand firm and you see deliverance the Lord bring today; the Lord fight, you need only be still.
L to M: tell Israelites move on; raise staff over sea, divide water so Israelites go through on dry ground; I harden hearts of Egyptians, they go after, I gain glory; Egyptians know I am Lord; angel of God withdrew, went behind, pillar of cloud moved between armies; brought darkness to one side, light to other; M stretched out hand over sea, Lord divided, Israel went through wall of water on right and left.
Egyptians pursued, during last watch, Lord looked at Egyptian army, threw into confusion; jammed wheels of chariots, Egyptians: “get away from Israelites, the Lord is fighting for them”; L to M: stretch out hand over sea that water flow over Egyptians; M stretched, sea went back, covered entire army, not one survived; that day, Lord saved Israel; when Israel saw mighty hand, people feared/trust in him and M his servant.
M & Israelites sang to the Lord; Miriam the prophet, A’s sis took timbrel, women followed, Miriam sang to them.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

The Passover and the death of the firstborn
The Lord makes distinctions between those who are His and those who aren’t.
God will be glorified, even in tragic circumstances.
God’s people receive specific instruction on how to do His will.
Following God’s instructions saves us.
The Lord wants His people to commemorate and celebrate their deliverance from bondage.
The Lord uses leaders among His people to pass on His instructions.
We are to teach our children about God from our experiences.
Receiving instruction from God should lead us to worship Him.
God keeps His promises and always does what He says He will.
The Lord brings Israel out of Egypt and Pharaoh pursues
The Lord keeps vigil over His people.
God’s instructions are for our good and His glory.
The Lord brought His people out of bondage with a mighty hand.
We are to tell our children about what the Lord has done.
The Lord strategically places His people so His wonders may be seen and He may be glorified.
God’s people must stand firm to see His deliverance; the Lord will fight, we need only to be still.
The Egyptian army is destroyed at the Red Sea and the Israelites celebrate with song
God hardens hearts so He will be glorified and non-believers will know He is Lord.
God stands between His people and their enemy.
When His people see the Lord’s salvation, they trust in Him.
Salvation leads to praise.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

Post-Passover, Israel crosses the Red Sea and Egypt drowns.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK Our sovereign God orchestrates all circumstances for the good of His people and His own glory.



How have you observed the Lord make distinctions between His people and those who aren’t His?
In what way have you seen God glorified in tragic circumstances?
What specific instruction have you received on how to do God’s will?
How might following God’s instructions save us?
In what way do you commemorate and celebrate your deliverance from bondage?
How has the Lord used leaders among His people to pass on His instructions to you?
What have you taught your children (physical or spiritual) about God from your experiences?
When has receiving instruction from God led you to worship Him?
How has God kept His promises to you?
How has the Lord kept vigil over you?
In what way have you observed God’s instructions to be for your good and His glory?
When did the Lord bring His people out of bondage with a mighty hand?
Where has the Lord strategically placed you so His wonders may be seen and He may be glorified?
How has standing firm enabled you to see God’s deliverance?
When have you been still and seen the Lord fight for you?
In what way have you seen God glorified in such a way that non-believers come to know He is Lord?
When has God stood between you and your enemy, and what were the results?
How have you trusted in God after seeing His salvation?
How has your salvation lead to praise?


*You may have noticed that I used the NIV to do this week’s homiletics.  Using the KJV has been difficult

at times, so I’m returning to the NIV for my personal study.  You will still see some postings of homiletics

using the KJV, but future postings will be done in the NIV.

*I also want to mention that I am truly embarrassed that I didn’t make chapter 15 its own division!  And

I didn’t give the chapter near enough attention.

*I went to a Homiletics seminar through BSF recently and learned something interesting that the

Assistant Teaching Leader does.  She writes her “Divisions” one of two ways: if she’s studying the OT,

God is the subject of the Division.  If it’s a NT passage, Jesus is the subject of the Division.  I may try to

incorporate that in my own homiletics.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Homiletics Genesis 4:25-5:32

Written 6 March 2013

Contents:            Where?                  Outside Eden                   Who?  Adam, Seth, Methuselah, Enoch, Lamech, Noah

Adam and Eve had Seth in place of Abel and Seth had Enosh, then men began calling on the name of the Lord.
God made male and female in His likeness and blessed them.
Adam fathered Seth at 130 then lived 800 years, had other children, lived 930 years then died.
Seth fathered Enosh at 105 then lived 807 years, had other children, lived 912 years then died.
Enosh fathered Kenan at 90 then lived 815 years, had other children, lived 905 years then died.
Kenan fathered Mahalalel at 70 then lived 840 years, had other children, lived 910 years then died.
Mahalalel fathered Jared at 65 then lived 830 years, had other children, lived 895 years then died.
Jared fathered Enoch at 162 then lived 800 years, had other children, lived 962 years then died.
Enoch fathered Methuselah at 65 then walked with God 300 years, had other children, lived 365 years then God took him.
Methuselah fathered Lamech at 187 then lived 782 years, had other children, lived 969 years then died.
Lamech fathered and prophesied about Noah at 182 then lived 595 years, had other children, lived 777 years then died.
Noah was 500 and fathered Shem, Ham and Japheth.



God created Adam in His likeness, Adam died to 930, Seth fathered Enosh at 105 then men began to call on the name of the Lord.
Since God created man in His likeness and Jesus is the incarnate form of God, men were created in the likeness of Christ.
God reached out to man when he formed him from dust.  Calling on the name of the Lord is one way man reaches out to God.
Enosh died at 905, Kenan died at 910, Mahalalel died at 895, Jared died at 962, Enoch fathered Methuselah at 65 and God took him at 365.
Walking with God leads to spending eternity with God.
Believers who are alive when Christ returns will be taken like Enoch was.
Methuselah died at 969, Lamech died at 777, Noah was 500 when he fathered Shem, Ham and Japheth.
Genealogy represents legacy.


Subject Sentence:

God created man who fathered nine generations to Noah.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMCATK that we can create a legacy of calling on the name of the Lord and walking with God for future generations.



Why do you think men began calling on the name of the Lord?
Under what circumstances do you call on the name of the Lord?
What do you say when you call on the name of the Lord?
What part do you think “walking with God” played in Enoch’s being taken by God?
In what way do you walk with God each day?
What sort of spiritual legacy are you leaving for your children?
What sort of legacy have your ancestors left for your children?