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Homiletics 2 Samuel 13-18

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Amnon lv Tamar sis Absalom,obsessed;Jonadab shrewd:pretend ill,say fr,send Tamar eat(2Sam13:1-5) 2.Am pretend,D2Tam:go Am;raped her,sent her away;Tam live w/Abs;king furious;Abs hate Am(6-22) 3.2y l8r,Abs invite king’s sons;Abs order men:kill Am;sons fled,rpt2D:Abs struck sons;Jon:only Am(23-33) 4.Abs fled;Jon2king:sons cm;sons wailg, king/attndts wept;D mourn;Abs2Geshur3y;D long go Abs(34-39) 5.Joab know king long4Abs,brt wise Tekoa wm2spk2king,story of2sons;king2Joab:bring bk Abs(14:1-21) 6.Joab honor/bless king;brt Abs Jerus,his house;Abs handsm,hvy hair,3son1dtr; see king2y(14:22-28) 7.Abs sent4Joab,refused cm;set Joab field fire,Joab:y?Abs:want see king;king summon/kiss Abs(29-33)   8.Abs stole hrts ppl;aftr4y,Abs2king:I goHebron;king:go;Abs msgrs thru Is:say Abs king Hebron(15:1-10) 9.200frm Jerus,Ahithophel,cnsprcy gain strgth;msgr2D:hrts ppl w/Abs;D:we flee,lft10conc

Homiletics 2 Samuel 8-10

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): time,D def Phil,subdued,took Metheg Ammah;def Moab,meas w/cord-2lgth death,1lgth live(8:1-2) 2.D def Hadadezer of Zobah;captur1k chariot,7k charioteer,20k ft soldat,hmstrg all but 100 horse(8:3-4) 3.Arameans cm2hlp Had,D struck22000,bec subj;L gv D victry;D tk au shields2Jerus,grt qty bronze(8:5-8) 4.Tou of Hamath send son2greet/congrat D on def of Had,brt silv,au,brz;D ded2L as other silv,au(8:8-12) 5.D bec fam aftr strk ↓ Edom Valley Salt;L gv D victry;D reignd;Joab Army,Jehoshaphat recorder(8:13-16) 6.Zadok&Ahimelek priests,Seraiah secretary,Benaiah over Kerethites&Pelethites,D sons priests(8:17-18)   7.D:any1of Saul I show kindnss4Jon;svt of Saul,Ziba,summoned;no1 alive of Saul?Son of Jon,lame(9:1-3) 8.ou?Ziba:hs of Makir in LoDebar;D had him brought;Mephib came&bowed;D:Meph!@ur svc(9:4-6) 9. be fraid,I sho kindnss4Jon,restore2u land Saul,u eat@my table;M

Homiletics 2 Samuel 7

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.after king settled in palace&L gvn rest frm enemies,he2Nathan(proph):I lv in Cedar,ark lv in tent(7:1-2) 2.N:whatever hv in mind,do,L w/u;but that night wd of L cm2N:go tell D-r u2build me hs2dwell in(7:3-5) 3.I dwell is hs frm Egy2this day,I mv frm place2place w/tent;wherever I mv did I say yu built me hs(7:6-7) 4.tell D:I took u frm tendg flock,apptd u rulr my ppl Is;been w/u,cut off enemies,I mk ur name grt (7:8-9) 5.I’ll provide place4my ppl,plant them, longer disturbed;wicked oppress them as at beginng(7:10) 6.&hv done since I apptd ldrs over Is;I also gv u rest frm all enemies;L declrs I estab hs4u(7:11) 7.when ur days over,I raise ↑ ur offspg2succeed u;He build hs4my Name;I estab his thron4 4evr(7:12-13) 8.I be his fr,he my son;when he do wrong,I punish w/rod wieldd by men,floggings by human hands(7:14) 9.But my love nvr tkn frm him as I took frm Saul;ur hs/kgdm endure4ev