Friday, June 09, 2006

I've been stung by a bug...

…”Akeela and the Bee”! What a great movie. Now, I find myself reading books like “Latin for Dummies” and “Teach Yourself Greek”. My family plays more scrabble and we give each other words to spell FOR FUN! We even watched the National spelling bee on TV in May.

In honor of this film, I would like to introduce the term “eschatology.” Not only is it a cool-looking and –sounding word. It has a cool meaning, too. It is the study of the end times. When you think of the Second Coming of Christ, does your mind immediately think of the book of Revelation? Or Daniel? Or 1 and 2 Thessalonians? Or do you have a favorite scripture that comes to mind?

Do you watch the news and read the papers to see “signs of the times” unfold? Or do you steer clear because no one but God the Father knows the day or hour?

I think the most important question is: are you living your life as if the next blink of your eyes could open to look into the face of Christ?

If we’re completely honest with ourselves, the answer is probably “some moments ‘yes’ and others ‘no’.” There is no twelve-step program we can follow. There is no three-point plan. Are we obeying the Word of God or not? To obey, we must know what it says. To know what it says, we must read it.

Are you reading the Bible? Praise Jesus if you are! If not, find that book, open it and start. It’s never too late to begin this good habit. Okay, now that you’re reading, are you understanding? Do you need a more modern translation of the scriptures? Make sure you have a Bible that you can understand. Alright, we’re reading and understanding. Are we applying what we learn? Can we admit to ourselves that we need to change? Do you have a friend that’s willing to help and encourage you? Make this a priority in prayer. God can convict you of what needs changing. He can also bring along a brother or sister in Christ to keep you accountable. Ask Him. You may not receive what you expect, but you will definitely get what you need.

Wow! I think this bug bite is less recent than I imagined. It seems to have been under my skin for a while… There is no denying it – CHRIST IS COMING! Are you ready for Him? Are you preparing others for Him? If you’re not doing all you can, get back to the heart of your relationship with God: communication. We speak to Him through prayer. He speaks to us through His Word. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.