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Homiletics: Hebrews 1-4

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1:1-3a past,G spk thru proph;last dd by Son,heir,thru Whom md univ;radiance G glry,exact rep His being 3b-6 sustn by Wd;aftr purfy sins,sat rt hnd Maj;sprior2As;whn G brng 1stbrn wrld,all As wrshp Him 7-9 He mk As sprts,svts flames;Son-thron4evr;u lvd rtnss,h8d wckdnss T4 set abv cmpnions,anoint oil joy 10-14 L fndtn erth,hvns wk hnds;they persh u remn;2whch As G:I mk enmys ftstl;As srv those inhert salv 2:1-3 pay attn so drift away;msg spkn bindng,evry violatn recd punishmt;how esc if ignore grt salv 4-7 G testfd by signs&gifts of HS; 2As He subj wrld2cm;wht manknd that u mindful;U md them lil lwr As 8-9 G lft0 subj 2em;we see J,lwr than As4while ♔ glry bec suffrd,so by grace G taste death4evry1 10-12 G mk salv prfct thru wht suffrd;1 who mk holy& holy=same fam,J declr brosis I sing ur praises 13-15 herei&chldrn G gv me;since flesh He share humanty so brk pwr devil;f