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Homiletics - Leviticus 16

Contents ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture ):   Where?                                                                 Who? 1 1-2 LtoM after A’s 2 sons died: Tell A not to come whenever he chooses into MHP behind curtain in front of atonemt cvr or he die, for I appear in cloud over atonemt cvr. 2 3-4 This how A enter MHP: 1 st bring young bull for sin offering, ram for burnt off; put on sacred tunic/linen undergarments/sash/turban, bathe with water before. 3 5-10 From Is community, take 2 male goats for sin off, ram for burnt off; A offer bull for his sin, atonemt for him/household; then take 2 goats, present at entrance ToM; cast lots – 1 for L, 1 for scapegoat; A bring goat whose lot falls to L & sacrifice as sin off; scapegoat presented alive, atonemt by sending into wilderness. 4 11-13 A bring bull for his sin off, make atonemt for him

'I Choose You Today' | Deb DeArmond

I Choose You Today by Deb DeArmond  Nonfiction Abingdon Press  How would your marriage change if you and your husband made the spoken declaration "I choose you" every day? Even when "for better or worse" is disappointing, we need to remind ourselves that love is a choice. And it's God's grace that makes that choice possible. I Choose You Today offers 31 practical ways you can make love last, by choosing to: *    Pursue your spouse *    Challenge one another *    Listen mindfully *    Love fiercely *    And twenty-seven other opportunities to choose wisely. Deb DeArmond offers inspirational stories, conventional wisdom, and thought-provoking questions to help you explore your choices and commitments to each other . . . every day of your marriage. Advanced Praise "It's often been said that our choices define us. Deb DeArmond has provided a practical and insightful book detailing 31 choices we can make as husbands an

Homiletics Genesis 25:19-28:9

25 April 2013 Contents:             Where?                   Gerar, Beersheba                           Who?   Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Esau 1 25:19-22 Abraham’s son Isaac married Rebekah at 40 and prayed for her barrenness and she conceived but the children struggled within her and she inquired of the Lord. 2 25:23-26 The Lord said she carried 2 nations and the older would serve the younger and she gave birth to twins when Isaac was 60: Esau was red and Jacob came out grasping Esau’s heel. 3 25:27-34 Esau, the hunter, was loved by Isaac and Rebekah loved Jacob, the peaceful; when Jacob made stew, Esau sold his birthright (which he despised) for a bowl. 4 26:1-5 A famine came and Isaac settled in Gerar when the Lord told him not to go to Egypt and that He would bless him in Gerar, giving land, descendants and blessing to all nations because of Abraham’s obedience. 5 26:6-11 In Ge

The 7 Experiment by Jen Hatmaker – Week 3

Clothing I will admit that my first thoughts about this study were legalistic in nature.   Tell me what’s okay to eat so I can lose some weight.   Help me clean out my closets.   Teach me how to downsize my possessions and reduce clutter in my home.   It wasn’t about growing closer to the Lord, but about feeling better about myself regardless of where I stood with Him.   Ouch! Narrowing the wardrobe down to seven items for a week was a bit tough.   It would have been easier to take vacation from work and sit around the house in the same pair of Jeans and just change my shirt.   But, no.   I generally choose the more difficult path.   Black slacks, jeans, 3 blouses, 1 t-shirt, black pumps/sneakers.   Pretty sparse.   And I even attended a corporate employee appreciation dinner during this week.   Thank the Lord undies, socks, nightgowns and coats didn’t count.   It was actually kind of fun to plan and see this work out.   Sure I did laundry more often, but I definitely washed

Homiletics Genesis 24:1-25:18

24 April 2013 Contents:             Where?                   Nahor, Beer-lahai-roi                    Who?   Abraham, Servant, Rebekah, Isaac, Ishmael & sons 1 24:1-4 When Abraham was old, he made his oldest servant swear that Isaac would not marry a Canaanite, but someone from his relatives. 2 24:5-9 The servant swore he wouldn’t bring Isaac back to Abraham’s relatives. 3 24:10-14 The servant loaded 10 camels and went to Nahor and had the camels kneel by the well, then he prayed for success and asked for a sign of who God chose for Isaac. 4 24:15-21 Before he finished, Rebekah came and filled her water jar, gave a drink to the servant when he asked and watered his camels while he watched her. 5 24:22-27 When camels finished, the servant gave her jewelry and asked who she was and if she had a place for him to stay, she said yes and he worshiped God for leading him to A’s fa