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Homiletics John 19:31-42

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): day o Prep,next Spec Sabb; Jew ldrs want bods on crosses,askd Pil 2hv legs brkn/bods tkn dn (31) 2.soldats brk legs 1 st man crux w/J, then the other (32) 3.when they came to J, found he already dead, didn’t brk legs (33) 4.instead, 1of soldats pierced Js side w/ spear bringing sudden flow of blood/water (34) who saw is has givn testimony & testimony is true; he testifies so you believe (35) 6.these happened so Scr fulfilled: “not one of his bones will be broken” (36) 7.and another Scr says: “they will look on the one they have pierced” (37)   8.later, Jos of Arima askd Pil 4 body, Jos disc secretly bec feard Jew ldrs; w/Pil permis, he took body (38) 9.He accomp by Nic, man who visitd J @ nite; Nic brought myrrh/aloes, 75# (39) 10.taking Js body, the 2 wrappd it w/spices in strips of linen in accord w/Jew burial customs (40) 11.@ place where J crux was

The NKJV Women's Study Bible

The NKJV Women's Study Bible Contributions from Dorothy Patterson and Rhonda Kelley Women's Bible Thomas Nelson The Woman's Study Bible   poignantly reveals the Word of God to women, inviting them to receive God's truth for balance, hope, and transformation.  Special features designed to speak to a woman's heart appear throughout the Bible text, revealing Scripture-based insights about how godly womanhood grows from a woman's identity as a Christ-follower and a child of the Kingdom. Now with a beautiful full-color redesign,  The Woman's Study Bible  reflects the contributions of more than 80 women from a wide variety of ethnic, denominational, educational, and occupational backgrounds. Since the publication of the first edition of  The Woman's Study Bible  under the editorial guidance of Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda Harrington Kelley, this landmark study Bible has sold more than 1.5 million copies. Features Include:

Homiletics: John 19:18-30

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.There they crucifd Him w/2othrs,1on ea side,J in middle (18) 2. Pil had notice prepd/fastnd2cross:J of Naz, The K of the Jews(19) 3.Many Jews read sign, plc where J crucifd near city & sign written in Aramaic, Latin & Greek (20) 4.CPs of Jews protested to Pil: do not write The K of the Jews, but this man claimed 2b K of Jews (21) 5.Pil ans: what I hv written, I hv written (22) 6.Whn soldats cruc J,took clothes,div into 4 shares,undrgrmt rem; garmt seamless woven 1 pc (23) 7.Let’s tear ,decide by lot who get;happen that Scr fulfilld:they div my clothes/cast lot4my grmnt (24)   8.Near cross stood His mother,mother’s sis, Mary wife of Cleopas & Mary Magdalene (25) 9.when J saw mother & disc He loved nearby, He: Woman, here is your son (26) 10.and2disc:here is your mother;from that time, disc took her into his home (27)   11.Later, knowing everything fin,

Homiletics: John 18:28-19:17

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Then Jew ldrs took J frm Caia to Rom Gov, early morn, 2 avoid cer unclean enter palace 2 eat PO (28) 2.Pil askd: What chgs u bring v. man; If he not criminal, they repl, we wouldntve handed him 2u (29-30) 3.Pil: judge him by ur law; we hv no rt2execute, they objd; this fulfill what J say abt death he die (31-32) 4.PIl: RUking o Jews?; ur idea o othrs talk 2u abt me?   Am I Jew, ur ppl hand u ovr, what u done?(33-35) 5.J:my kngdm o this wrld ;URking; Usay I king,I born testfy2truth,evry1 on side o truth listen2me (36-37) 6.Whatistruth, out2Jews: I find basis4chg,custom rel 1 prisnr@PO,Uwant KoJews?N,Barabbas (38-40)   7.Pil tk J,had floggd;soldats twistd crwn o thorns,put on,clothd him in prpl robe,said:Hail! Slapped(1-3) 8.Pil2Jews:I bringng him out, find chg v. him, J came out wearng crown/robe, Pil:here is man! (4-5) 9.CPs/offs:Crucfy!Pil:u crucfy,I fnd basis 4chg;Ldrs:we

Homiletics John 18:1-27

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Whn He fin prayg, J left w/disc,crossd Kidron Vly; othr side-garden, He & disc went in (1) 2.Judas, who betrayd, knew place bec J often met there w/disc (2) 3. so Judas came into grdn guiding soldiers/officials carrying torches, lanterns, weapons (3) 4.J,knowg all2happn2Him went/askd: who u want? J o Naz they repl; IAmHe, J said (Judas w/em)(4-5) 5.When J said IAmHe, they drew bk/fell2grnd;again He askd: who u want; J o Naz they said (6-7) 6.J:I told u IAmHe if u lookg4me let these men go; happnd so wds He spokn fulfilld:I lost 1ugave me(8-9) 7.SP sword HP’s srvt, cut off rt ear(Malchus);J cmdd P:put sword away shall I drnk cup Fr gvn me(10-11) 8.soldiers w/cmdr&Jew officials arrestd J;bound Him brought 2 Annas,f-i-l o Caiaphas, HP that yr (12-13) 9.Caiaphas was 1 who advised Jew ldrs it would be good if 1 man died for ppl (14)   10.SP&another disc were follow

Homiletics: John 17

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1. aftr J lookd 2 hvn/prayd: Fr, hr cm, glrfy Son tht Son glrfy U (1) 2. u grntd Hm authrty ovr all ppl tht He might gv etrnl life 2 all U gvn Hm (2) 3. this etrnl life: they kno U, only tru G&JC, whom U snt: I’ve brought U glry by fin wrk U gv me (3-4) 4. now, Fr, glrfy me in ur presnc w/glry I had w/U b4 wrld began (5) 5. I revld U2 thos U gv me, they wer urs/obeyd ur wd; now they kno evrythg u gvn me cms frm U (6-7) 6. 4I gv em wds u gv me&they accptd, they knew w/certnty I cm frm U/bel U sent me (8) 7. I pray 4em, wrld but thos u gvn me 4 they r urs; all I hv=urs,all u hv=mine&glrys cm 2me thru em (9-10) 8. I remn lngr but they still in wrld, I cmng2U; HFr prtct em by pwr o ur nom, so they1 as we1 (11) 9.   while I w/em I prtctd em by nom u gv me, none lost xcpt 1 doomd to destructn so Scr fulfilled (12) 10. I say so they hv full meas o my joy; I gvn em ur wd&a