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Stronger by Angela Thomas – Week 6

God is Stronger than Every Broken Thing in Me I am broken…but not destroyed.   I struggle with broken relationships.   We all do.   In the few severed ties I’ve experienced, it has been necessary to remove poison from my life.   That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been painful.   Sometimes what is good for you can hurt. When I was a teenager, I read the book “The Friendship Factor”.   It changed my life.   I was a popular girl in school, but my friendships turned out to be pretty superficial.   When I moved away from my classmates in my senior year of high school, I kept in touch for a while but I made new friends.   Two pals from New York flew out to Las Vegas when I got married (three years after graduation).   But I’ve pretty much lost touch with everyone.   There’s no one in my life (besides my husband, kids and a couple of extended family members) I would think to call if something tragic happened.   I know that appears sad on the surface.   But it’s actually drawn me closer to

Homiletics: Romans 2

Contents ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture ):   Where?                   To Rome, from Corinth                                 Who?   Paul, Roman Church 1 2:1 You have no excuse, you pass judgment on someone, whatever pt you judge, you condemn self bec you do same. 2 2:2-3 God’s judgmt based on truth; when you pass judgmt yet do same, you think you escape G’s judgmt? 3 2:4 Do you show contempt for His kindness, forbearance, patience, not realizing intended to lead you to repentance? 4 2:5-6 Bec of your stubbornness/unrepentant heart, you storing up wrath for day of G’s wrath when His righteous judgmt revealed; G repay each according to what they done. 5 2:7-8 To those doing good, seek glory/honor/immortality, He give eternal life; those self-seeking who reject truth/follow evil, there be wrath/anger. 6 2:9-11 There trouble/distress for who does evil, 1

Homiletics Genesis 16-17

2 April 2013 Contents:             Where?                   Canaan                                Who?   Abram/Abraham, Sarai/Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael 1 16:1-3 After 10 years in Canaan, childless Sarai gave her servant Hagar to Abram to have children. 2 16:4-6 After Hagar conceived she despised Sarai, Abram said treat her as you want, Sarai treated her harshly and Hagar fled. 3 16:7-9 Angel of the Lord found Hagar by spring and she confessed to fleeing; He told her to return and submit to Sarai. 4 16:10-12 He promised to multiply her descendants and instructed her to name her son Ishmael and prophesied about him. 5 16:13-14 Hagar called Him “a God who sees” and the well was called Beer-lahai-roi. 6 16:15-16 When Abram was 86, Hagar bore his son and he called him Ishmael. 7 17:1-4 At 99, Abram fell on his face as God appeared and promised to establ

Stronger by Angela Thomas – Week 5

God is Stronger than My Attitude Oy!   Jesus soooo has my number!   I am a moody person.   But I’ve been taught well about “maintaining my composure”, aka MASKING MY BEHAVIOR.   The sole benefit I see to this activity is this:   only God knows I’m sinning because He knows my heart.   I still need to confess and apologize.   Praise Jesus, He offers me a new attitude.   He promises a renewing of the mind when you wash in His Word.   I need a nice, long bath EVERY day! I’ve also been a prideful person.   In fact, I’ve buried a few of my talents in the sand because of pride.   Now, I’m dusting those talents off and giving them back to Him to use. Hallelujah!   I’m taking more time to use His Word like a mirror as I wash in it.   I’m applying its principles to my life – not as well as I’d like, but one bit at a time still makes forward progress.   I’m giving myself and others more freedom to make mistakes and exercising greater forgiveness afterward. I want to please my heavenl

Homiletics Genesis 15

2 April 2013 Contents:             Where?                   Promised Land                                 Who?   Abram, God 1 1 After rescuing Lot and meeting Melchizedek, God told Abram in a vision not to fear, God is his shield and his reward shall be very great. 2 2-4 Abram said he was childless so his servant would be his heir and the Lord said he would have an heir from his own body. 3 5-6 God said, count the stars – so shall your descendants be and Abram believed and it was reckoned to him as righteousness. 4 7-8 God said, I am the Lord Who brought you out of Ur to give you this land and Abram asked how he may know that he will possess it. 5 9 God said, bring a 3-y.o. heifer, female goat, ram, a turtledove and young pigeon. 6 10-11 Abram cut them in two and laid the pieces opposite each other except the birds and drove the birds of prey from the carcasses.