Monday, October 02, 2006

Blameless Life - Psalm 15:5

Oh, my. The things we do for cold, hard cash! We compromise our values and beliefs. We tolerate bad behavior and foul language. We stress ourselves and abuse our bodies and forsake our families. We turn our backs on our dreams thinking that the American Dream’s emphasis on possessions will make us truly happy. WRONG!!!

What have you compromised this week? Will you continue to compromise?


I can think of a couple of times when I loaned money and never got paid back! But, no, I’ve never charged usury – also known as “interest” – on a loan. However, I can think of a few times when my heart was in the wrong place that I wanted to injure someone who hurt me “with interest.”

Look up the scriptures below to learn what God’s Word says about this. (Exodus 22:25, Leviticus 25:35-37, Deut 23:20, Prov 28:8)

As followers of Christ, we should be exceptionally generous. All we have belongs to Him, and His Word teaches that we should care for each other. The scriptures above mention our brothers, countrymen and the poor. I believe that pretty much covers everyone. Are you extending the loving hand of Christ to those in need?

Here Comes The Bribe

Who in the world would have the nerve to betray an innocent man for money? How about Judas. Check out Matthew 26:6-15.

Does it sicken you that Judas - a man who knew Christ, touched Him, ate with Him, heard His voice - betrayed the Son of God for a few silver coins? Why do you think Judas did it?

Does the word “greed” mean anything to you? It just happened to be money that motivated Judas. Young Jack wanted to ditch that cow so bad, he took a few magic beans – who really got the better end of that deal?

I suppose I need to ask what motivates you. Have you ever succumbed to the following “bribes?” Feel free to list your own ideas in the margin.

□ promotion at work. □ recognition or award.
□ gifts. □ new car.
□ parking space. □ free meal.
□ acceptance into an elite group. □ clothes.

Have you come to the realization that, no matter what the bribe is, it is never worth it? Even Judas realized that (see Matthew 27:3-5).

The pleasure you get from receiving a bribe will always be fleeting. As in Judas’ case, it may even be accompanied by even deeper emotional pain. Judas never sought forgiveness for his sin. He allowed it to destroy him completely. I urge you to not allow the same thing to happen to you. Spend a little while with God. Ask Him to forgive you and heal you and give you strength and courage to face your sin in this area.

Shaken? Not Even stirred!

If we live a blameless life and follow the advice given to us in Psalm 15, we won’t be shaken. But, if we ignore this advice, we can make our plans to waiver, slip, slide and fall right now! Since we have a choice, and we know what will happen if we don’t pursue blameless living, it appears that the best course of action would be to avoid the pain and sorrow and heartbreak that would most definitely come with being shaken. I don’t know about you, but I’m not planning to ignore advice given to me by the most famous king of Israel and The King of the Universe.

The puzzle is nearly complete! Don’t you just love when the last piece fits into the picture? Or when the last scene of a movie makes everything clear, somehow?

Do you want to dwell in God’s sanctuary? Do you want to live on His holy hill? If you answered “yes” to either question, read the list of behaviors below. What traits do you need to work on right now?

Don’t take bribes
Do what is right
Speak the truth in love
Don’t slander
Don’t wrong your neighbor
Don’t slur others
Despise what is vile
Honor those who fear God
Keep your promises
Lend without interest

How’s that memorizing coming? Tackle Psalm 15:5 this month…