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Under a Summer Sky by Melody Carlson

Under a Summer Sky by Melody Carlson She's anticipating a quiet summer surrounded by beauty She never expected a fresh chance at love. High school art teacher Nicole Anderson is looking forward to a relaxing summer in Savannah, house-sitting and managing an art gallery for a family friend. The house is luxurious in a way that only old money could make it, and the gallery promising interesting days in a gorgeous setting. Yet it isn't long before her ideal summer turns into more than she bargained for: a snooty gallery employee who's determined to force her out, a displaced adolescent roosting in the attic, and two of her childhood friends -- who also happen to be brothers -- vying for her attention. With the backdrop of a gorgeous historical city, incredible architecture, and even an alleged ghost or two, combined with the opportunity for romance. . . anything can happen! Bestselling and award-winning author Melody

Homiletics 2 Peter 1

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.S.P. servt&apostl JC2those thru rightsness G&SaviorJC rec’d faith precious as ours(1) 2.grace&peace b urs in abundc thru knowldg of G&JC our L(2) 3.His divine pwr gvn us evrythg we need4godly life thru knowldg of Him who calld us by glry&goodns(3) 4.He gvn grt&precius promises so we participt divine natur havng escapd corrupt of wrld by evildoers(4) 5.4this reasn mk evry effrt2add2faith gdness-knowldg–self-ctrl–persevrnc-godliness-mut affct-lv(5-7) 6.if u poss these qual increasing meas they’ll keep u from being ineff&unprod in knowl of JC(8) 7.whoevr have them =nearsighted, blind, forgetting cleansed frm past sin(9) 8.T4,bros&sis mk evry eff2confirm calling&election.   If u do u nvr stumble(10) 9.& will rec rich welcome into eternl kingdm(11) 10.I’ll always remind u of these things tho u know them&r firmly estab in truth(12) 11.I

Homiletics: 1 Peter 5

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.To elders I appeal as fellow elder/witness of C’s sufferings who’ll also share in glory2b revealed(1) 2.B shephrds o G’s flock under ur care,watchng oer em   bec must , but bec ur willing as G wants u2b(2a) 3.not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager2serve(2b) 4.not lording it over those entrusted2u, but being ex 2flock(3) 5.and when Chief Shep appears, ull rec crown of glry thatll nvr fade away(4)   6.In same way,u youngr, submit selves to elders(5a) 7.All,clothe selves w/humility towrd 1anothr bec “G opposes proud but shows favor to humble”(5b) 8.Humble selves, th4, undr G’s mighty hand that he may lift u up in due time(6) 9.cast all ur anxiety on Him be He cares 4u(7) 10.B alert&of sober mind. Ur enemy the devil prowls like roaring lion lookng4some1 2devour(8) 11.Resist him,standng firm in faith,bec fam o believers thru world undergoing same sufferings(9)   12.

Homiletics: 1 Peter 4

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Th4, since C suffrd in body, arm urselvs w/same attitude bec who suffrs in body done w/sin(1) 2.As result, the live rest of earthly lives 4evil human desires but 4 will of G(2) 3.U enuf time doing wht pagans do-debauchery,lust,drunkenness,orgies,carousing,detestable idolatry(3) 4.They surprised u join them in reckless, wild living & they heap abuse on u(4) 5.But they will giveacct2Him who is ready to judge living&dead(5) 6.this reasn gospl preachd2those now dead,they judgd humn std regd body,live acc2G regd spirit(6)   7.End of all is near. Be alert&of sober mind so u can pray(7) 8.Above all, lv ea othr deeply, bec lv cvrs mult of sins(8) 9.offer hospitality2 1anothr w/o grumbling(9) 10.use whatever gift u recd 2serve others as faithful stewards of Gsgrace in various forms(10) 11.if any1 spks,do as1who spks wds of G;if any1 servs,do w/strength G provides so

Homiletics 1 Peter 3

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.wives, submit2ur own husb so if believe word,may b won w/o wds by behavior of wives(1) 2.when see purity/revrnc of ur lives; beauty come from hairstyles, jewelry, clothes(2-3) 3.should be inner self, unfading beauty of gentle&quiet spiritof grt worth in G’s sight(4) 4.this way holy wm of past who put hope in G adorn selves;submitted to own husb(5) Sarah obeyd Abraham & calld him lord, ur her daughters if u do right & do not fear(6) 6.Husb,b considerat w/wives,respect as weaker partner&heirs gift o life so nothin hinder prayers(7)   7.all b like-minded, sympathize, lv1anothr,compassionate, humble(8) 8. repay evil w/evil,insult w/insult , repay evil w/blessing so u inherit blessing(9) 9.whoevr lv life&see gd dd kp tng frm evil&lips frm decetfl spch;trn frm evil,do gd,seek pc, pursue(10-11) 10.eyes of L on righteous,ears attentv2prayer,face of