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Homiletics: 1 Thessalonians 3

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.When we could stand no longer,we thought it best2b left by ourselves in Athens(1) 2.We sent Timothy, our bro/co-wrkr in Gs svc spreading Gospel2strengthen/encourage ur faith(2) no1 unsettled about trials;4u know we destined4them(3) 4.when we were w/u, we kept telling u we’d b persecuted(4a) 5.and it turned out that way as u know(4b)   6.4 this reason, when I could stand no longer, I sent2find out re:ur faith(5a) 7.I was afraid tempter tempted u&our labors might’ve been in vain(5b) 8.Tim just come2us from u, brought good news re:ur faith&love(6a) 9.he told us u have pleasant memories of us&u long2see us as we long2see u(6b) 10.T4, bros&sis,in our distress&persecution we encouraged bec of ur faith(7) we really live,since u standing firm in L(8)   12.How can we thx G enough4u for all the joy we hv in presence of G bec of u(9) 13.Nite

Homiletics 1 Thessalonians 2

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.U know, bros&sis, our visit2u w/o results (1) 2.we previously sufferd,treatd outrageously in Philippi,w/sos of G we tell u Gosp in face of strong opp(2) 3.appeal we make spring from error or impure motives, nor are we trying trick u(3) contraire we spk as those apprvd by G2b entrustd w/Gosp;we trying2 pls ppl but G who test <3s font=""> 5.u know we nvr used flattry nor put mask2cover greed – G=our witness(5) 6.we were looking 4praise from ppl,tho as apostles of C we could’ve asserted authority(6)   7.instead we like young children among u;just as nursing mother cares4her children(7) we cared4u;bec we lvd u so much we delightd2share w/u not only Gosp of G but our lives(8) 9.surely u remembr bros&sis,our toil&hardship;we workd nite&day 2b burden while preachd Gosp2u(9) 10.u witnesses,so is G,how holy,righteous,blameless we were am

Homiletics 1 Thessalonians 1

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Paul, Silas&Timothy2church of Thess in G Fr&LJC:grace&peace2u (1) 2.We always thank G4all of u&continually mention u in our prayers (2) 3.we remember b4 G&Fr ur wk produced by faith,labor prompted by lv (3a) 4.&endurance inspired by hope in LJC (3b)   5.4we know, bros&sis lvd by G, He’s chosen u (4) 6.bec our gospel came2u simply w/wds,but w/pwr,HS&deep conviction (5a) 7.u know how we lived among u4ur sake (5b) 8.u became imitators of us&L;u welcomd msg in midst of suffering w/joy gvn by HS (6) u became model2all believers in Macedonia&Achaia (7) 10.L’s msg rang out from u only in Macedonia&Achaia, ur faith become known everywhere (8a) 11.T4 we need 2say anything about it (8b) 12.4they rpt what kind reception u gave us;they tell how u turned2G from idols2srv living true G (9) 13.&2wait4Son from hvn whom H

Homiletics: 2 Peter 3

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Dear friends,my 2 nd ltr 2u, I’ve written both2stiulate u2 wholesome thinking (1) 2.I want u2recall wds spokn by holy prophets&cmd gvn by L&Savior thru apostles (2) 3.above all,undrstd in last days, scoffers cm, scoffing&following their evil desires (3) 4.they say:where is “cming” He promised?   Evrything goes on as it has since beginng of creation (4) 5.they delibr8ly 4get by Gs Wd hvns came into being&earth formed out of h2o by h2o (5) these h2os world of that time deluged&destroyed (6) same Wd present hvns&earth resv’d4fire,kept4day of judgmt&destructn of ungodly (7)   8. forget this dear friends:w/the L a day=like 1000yrs&1000yrs=like a day (8) 9.L slow in keeping promise; He patient w/you, wanting any1 2perish,evry1 cm repentance (9) 10.but day of L cm like thief;hvns disappear w/roar, elem destoyd by

The Essential Guide to Prayer by Dutch Sheets

  The Essential Guide to Prayer by Dutch Sheets Life-Changing Teaching on the Simplicity of Having a Powerful Prayer Life  A prayer life with God isn't complex, but sometimes not knowing how to start can be enough to make a person turn away altogether. In  The Essential Guide to Prayer , you'll discover that the starting point is to find your motivation for prayer in the power of love by forming a solid relationship with God as Father and friend. As Dutch Sheets lays the foundation for your motivation to pray, he challenges you to reflect with "Did You Understand?" questions at the end of each chapter. Dig deeper into the core of your prayer life by learning to pray effectively both alone and in groups, and by persisting in prayer until you see God's answers. Dutch Sheets  is an internationally recognized author, teacher, and speaker. Based in Colorado, he travels extensively, empowering believers for passionate prayer and societal transformati

Homiletics: 2 Peter 2

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.But there also false proph just as there’ll bfalse tchrs:secretly intro destructv heresies denying L(1) 2.many will follow their depraved conduct & bring way of truth into dispute(2) greed, these tchrs exploit w/fabric8d stories,condemn hanging oer em, their destruction sleeping (3) 4.If G spare angels when they sinnd but sent2hell,putting em in chains of dkness4judgmt(4) 5.if He spare ancient wrld when brought flood on ungodly,ptoected Noah,preacher of rightness&7(5) 6.if He comdemnd Sodom&Gom by burning2ashes,ex of what 2happn2ungodly(6) 7.if He rescued Lot,rightus distressd by depraved conduct;living among em,tormntd by lawlss deeds(7-8) 8.L knows how 2rescue godly&hold unrighteous 4 punishmt(9) 9.This esp true those follow corrupt desire flesh/despise auth;bold&arrog,heap abuse on celes being(10) 10.even angels tho strngr heap abuse on such bein