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Homiletics Genesis 43-44

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.   Divisions ( run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division – a truth about God, a truth about man, a truth about God’s relationship to man ): 1.Judah guarantees Benjamin’s safety on the trip to Egypt and Joseph is moved to see his brother (Gen 43:1-34) Principle:   God’s plan and provision are rooted in eternity and will come to pass. 2.Judah begs to take Benjamin’s place in prison when Joseph accuses him of stealing (Gen 44:1-34) Principle:   God is sovereign and raises up leaders in His perfect time.   Subject Sentence ( 10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture ): Judah guarantees Benjamin’s safety and pleads to be Joseph’s slave.   Aim (“ To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, Learn, Understand,

Homiletics Genesis 41-42

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.2y passed Phar dream;7 cows sleek fat;after 7 cows ugly gaunt;gaunt ate fat,Phar woke(41:1-4) 2.2 nd dream 7 grain healthy good;after 7 grain thin scorched;thin heads swallowed healthy(5-7) 3.troubled, magicians, no one interpret; chief CB reminded shortcomings; Phar impris me/bkr(8-10) 4.Each had dream;Hebrew interpr;turned out as interp;Phar sent for Jos;dream,heard you interp(11-15) 5.I cannot,G will;Phar:7 cows fat sleek;after 7 scrawny;ugly cows ate fat;just as ugly(16-21) 6.7 grain full good;after 7 withered;thin heads swallowed good;Jos:dreams same,G revealed(22-25) 7.7 good cows=7y,7 good heads=7y;7 lean cows=7y,7 worthless heads=7y famine;G shown Phar(26-28) 8.7y grt abundance cming;7y famine follow;abund remem ,famine severe;matter firmly decided(29-32)   9.wise man in charge;take 1/5 harvest;store up;used during famine;plan good Phar/officials(33-37) 10.anyone lk this man, s

Homiletics Genesis 39-40

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Jos Egypt Pot bought;L w/Jos,prosprd;master saw L gv success;Jos favor,entrusted everything(39:1-4) 2.L blessed Egyptian bec Jos;Jos well built handsome;wife notice:come bed;he refused(5-8) 3.How I do wicked, sin against G;she spoke day after day,he refused(9-10) 4.1 day duties house, none svts inside;she caught cloak,he ran;she said:Heb mk sport, I screamed(11-14) 5.he heard scream, ran;she kept cloak,master home;told:Heb slave make sport;I screamed he ran(15-18) 6.master burned anger;put him prison;L w/him,favor of prison warden;warden put Jos in charge(19-22) 7.L w/Jos, gave success(23)   8.later cupbearer baker offended king;Pharaoh angry;put them prison where Jos confined(40:1-3) 9.Jos attended;cb/bak dream same night;Jos saw they dejected;why look sad(4-7) 10.dreams,Jos:interp belong G, tell me;cb:vine;3 branches budded,blossomed,ripened(8-10) 11.squeezed into Phar cup,put hand;

Talking With God: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer by Dick Eastman

 First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Dick Eastman and his publisher for sending me a copy of "Talking With God: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me. Dick Eastman’s “Talking With God: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer” is a beautiful little gift book that will enhance anyone’s prayer life.  Whether your prayer life needs refreshing or you are just beginning to have a regular dialog with God, this book by the author of “The Hour That Changes the World” lays out a roadmap of various disciplines that can be incorporated into the practice of prayer.  These disciplines are valuable tools for building relationship with God and becoming the person He created you to be. You may use this book to set up your outline of how to pray or to develop these skills independently of each other.  This book contains

Homiletics Genesis 37-38

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Ja lived Canaan;Jos,17,tending flocks brothers,bad rpt;Is lvd Jos more,robe;bros hated him(37:1-4) 2.Jos dream told,bros hated more;my sheaf rose,yours bowed;bros hated more(5-8) 3.another dream, sun, moon, 11 stars bowing;fr rebuked;bros jealous,fr kept in mind(9-11) 4.bros graze flocks Shechem;Is2Jos:I send you;see if well,bring word bk(12-14) looking for;bros, where grazing flocks;moved Dothan,Jos found;they saw plotted kill(15-18) comes dreamer;let’s kill,say animal devoured;Reub tried rescue;don’t shed blood(19-22) 7.Jo came, they stripped robe;threw him cistern;sat eat, caravan Ish;Jud:let’s sell,bros agreed(23-27) 8.sold 20 sheckels Ag;Reub retd, Jos not there, tore clothes;slaughtered goat dipped robe blood(28-31) 9.took robe fr;recognized;tore clothes;refused be comforted;Midianites sold Jos Potiphar(32-36)   10.Jud left, went Adullam; dtr Canaanite married;pr

Genesis Character Study - Judah and Joseph

Character Study – Joseph and Judah   1.       Choose a person from the Bible, making a list of desirable traits; select a trait study.   Look in a concordance or topical bible research the person in scripture, and others, with that trait.   See how it was developed, demonstrated, benefited others, glorified God.   Look in the Gospels to see how Jesus demonstrated that trait.   Remember to ask how you could develop and demonstrate the same trait; begin to do so.     ·          Joseph’s Desirable Traits o    Obedience (to his father’s instructions) o    Using his God-given gift (dreams) ·          Others with trait o    Abraham (to sacrifice Isaac) o    Isaac (to let Abraham sacrifice him) o    Daniel and friends (didn’t eat defiled food, wouldn’t bow to an idol, wouldn’t stop praying to God) o    Jesus (to carry out the will of the Father to the death) ·          How Jesus demonstrated the trait o    Jesus demonstrated obedience by walking steadily toward the