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Praise Him! - Psalm 150:3

Strike Up The Band Tea And Trumpets Trumpets are musical instruments that were used in the temple service. Only the priest was permitted to sound the trumpet loudly to call the people together for religious assemblies. The trumpet was also used in battle. Trumpets led the way when the ark was returning to Jerusalem. They notified God it was time to knock down the walls of Jericho. They were used to celebrate. Trumpets called out to God to fill the temple. They cry out to God. They accompany sacrifice. Just as you use breath to play the trumpet, we should use our breath to praise God. How many ways can you think of the praise the Lord using your breath? Let’s take a look at several of the references made to trumpets in the Bible. Look up the following scriptures. Trumpets have seen some action! (Numbers 10:8-10, Joshua 6:1-20, Judges 7:1-22) The Bible tells us in these passages that the Israelite priests were to blow the trumpets. The Bible also says that when the Israelites went