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Homiletics - Mark 1

Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.Beginning good news Jesus; Isaiah:I send messenger ahead;voice calling desert:prepare way L(1-4)

2.Jn Baptist baptism repentance;Judean ctrysd/Jerus confessing,baptized Jordan rvr(5)

3.Jn wore camel’s hair, leather, ate locusts, honey;msg:one more powerful;I baptize water,He HS(6-8)


4.Jesus came Naz,bap by Jn;J cm out water hvn open Spirit desc dove;voice:Son well pleased(9-11)

5.Spirit sent wilderness;40d tempted Satan w/wild animals angels attend(12-13)

6.After Jn prison, J Galilee good news;koG cm near,repent believe(14-15)

7.J saw Simon Andrew;cm follow fish ppl;they left nets,followed;Jas/Jn;He called,they left father(16-20)


8.Capernaum Sabbath J synagogue teach;ppl amazed authority,not as teachers law(21-22)

9. man poss:what want J? Destroy us? Holy One G! Quiet! Come out! Impure spirit came out(23-26)

10.ppl amazed:new teaching authority impure spirits obey;news spread Galilee(27-28)

11.left synagogue w/Jas&Jn to home Simon/And;Sim MIL fever told J;helped her up,fever left(29-31)

12.after sunset ppl brought sick, dem-poss;whole town gathered;J healed,drove out dem, speak(32-34)

13.vy early J solitary pl prayed;Sim/companions lk4Him:every1 lk4u;J:go villages preach;Galilee(35-39) leprosy:willing clean;J indignant,willing:clean;immed leprosy left;J:don’t tell,show priests(40-44)

15.He spread news;J no enter town openly stayed lonely places, ppl still came(45)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.John the Baptist prepares the way (Mark 1:1-8)

Principle: God calls His people to prepare the way for His Son.

2.Jesus’ baptism, temptation and calling of first disciples (Mark 1:9-20)

Principle: God prepares His Son to impact the world.

3.Jesus’ teaching, healing and prayer (Mark 21-45)

Principle: Jesus impacts the world through interaction with God and man.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

Jesus calls disciples, teaches, heals and prays after John’s preparation.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, etc.):

TCMATK God has called us to prepare the way for Jesus in the lives of others and has given us the example of Christ to follow.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about heart change):

1.What preparations have you made for Jesus to enter your life each day?  How have you prepared the way for Jesus to enter the lives of others?  What motivates you to share Jesus with others?  How will you tap into that motivation this week to share Him with at least one other person?  Who will that person be?

2.How are you preparing yourself to impact the world in the name of Jesus?  What do you need to do to prepare yourself to resist temptation?  Who are the people in your “support system”?  How do you encourage and motivate each other to keep going in the face of adversity?

3.What is Jesus teaching you in this passage and how will you apply it?  How is Jesus healing the broken places of your life?  How will you encourage healing in the lives of others?  Where do you need the Holy Spirit to improve your prayer life?  How will you cooperate with Him to draw closer to Jesus?

Pastor Matt Sermon Notes:

John Mark.  Nephew of Barnabus.  Confrontation of ministry too much?  Ran home.  Paul and Barnabus split over Mark.  Paul later acknowledged Mark’s value to himself (Timothy).


Harmony of the Gospels

Matthew – Christ as King

Mark – Christ as Servant (10:45 key verse)

Luke – Christ’s as Man, His humanity

John – Christ as God


Mark gets right down to business.

John preached, “Repent” and he baptized Jews.

Culturally, Jews didn’t need baptism.  Gentiles needed to be baptized into Judaism.


John’s baptism: repent of your sin.

The One that’s coming will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.

Paul asked Christians where he observed something missing: “Have you received the Holy Spirit?”  They were saved, but not empowered.  They had received John’s baptism of repentance in water.  These two baptisms don’t always happen at the same time.


Jesus told his disciples to wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


Peter and John going up to Samaria.


Acts 10 – Peter at Cornelius’ house.  Gentiles baptized by the HS before being baptized in water for repentance.


The Trinity appears at Jesus’ baptism.  Jesus, Holy Spirit in form of dove, Father’s voice.


The Holy Spirit led Jesus throughout His entire ministry.


Temptation was just like the temptation in the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve said, “OK.”  Jesus said, “No way.”  Jesus passed the test.


John fulfilled his purpose.  And passes out of the scene.  Goes to prison.  Eventually loses his head.  Whatever you lose for Jesus, you’ll never be sorry!


Believe and repent are BOTH necessary for salvation!  There must be heart change AND action.  Repentance w/o belief is religion.


The Good News told the Good News.  J


John 1:35-42 – Andrew and Simon met Jesus before He called them to follow Him.  When you have a second encounter with Christ, He will call you.  Immediately, the disciples left their nets, livelihood.  Seven of the 12 were fishermen.


The power is in immediacy.  Procrastination is rejection of the word!


Synagogues were little fellowship gathering places run by laymen of the town.  People could come in and teach.  People were astonished by His teaching, His authority.  Not like the scribes – ouch!  They never heard the word of God taught with authority.  That synagogue was a breeding ground for unclean spirits.  Nobody knew he was there.  When an unclean spirit hears the word of God taught with authority, it will drive a demon crazy!  There is resistance.  A person’s response to the Word of God being taught with authority can be just like this demon-possessed man!  These demons are in the church!  This was an exciting day in Capernaum.  The demon knew and feared Jesus.  Yet he was lost.  Why was the demon there?


My response to God’s word reveals my condition.


Demons must obey Jesus!  Jesus can rebuke the uncleanness in me.  I must surrender to God, resist the devil and he will flee.  When we have a problem with uncleanness, we are surrendering to the devil and resisting God in that area.


Don’t let the demons talk!  Anyone who doesn’t know Jesus has no business speaking about Him!  Jesus didn’t want the demons talking about Him because of misrepresentation.  Isn’t it just like the demonic to shift the word of God slightly.  We need to tell the demons to quit talking!


Go be with God.  Jesus ministered most of the night and He’s up before dawn to spend time with God!


Jesus came to preach.  He did other things, but He came to preach.  He preached in the synagogues and more demons came out and were cast out.  Lord, cast the demons out of the Church.  Empower my Pastor to preach with Your authority.  May that authority reveal where the demons are sitting and rile them up so they go away.  Prepare the Pastor You have to succeed Pastor Hoyt and fill him with the empowerment to preach with Your authority.


Jesus touches and speaks.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Homiletics Genesis 19-21


Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.angels Sodom eve,Lot gateway,bowed;L:house,wash,spend nt,spend night square;insisted(19:1-3) surr house;men bring sex;Lot outside;no friends,wicked;daughters;pressure Lot mv fwd(4-9)

3.pulled Lot in house;struck men at door blindness;anyone else, get out;L sent us destroy(10-13)

4.Lot spoke sons-in-law;dawn, angels:hurry;he,wife,2dtrs, L merciful;flee;pls no;I can’t flee mts(14-19);very well;quickly Zoar;sun risen;L rained burning sulphur Sod/Gom;overthrew;wife salt(20-26)


6.early next am Abe b4L;lookd Sod/Gom smoke;G destroyed, brought Lot out;Lot dtrs settled mts(27-30)

7.older dtr2younger:no men;sleep with fr;fr drink older dtr,tonight you go;fr drink younger sleep(31-35)

8.daughters pregnant;older son Moab;younger son Ben-Ammi Ammonites(36-38)

9.Abe2Gerar;Sarah sis Abimelech took;Abim dream married wm;Abim:L destroy innoct nation(20:1-4)

10.I clr conscience/hands;G:I know;retn man’s wife;next morn Abim told;Abim2Abe:what reason(5-10)

11.Abe they kill b/c wife;she dtr my fr;say he bro;Abim2Abe sheep,cattle,Sarah;live wherever(11-15) bro 1000 silver4offense;Abe prayed,Abim healed,have children again(16-18)


13.L gracious Sarah;pregnant;Isaac;8d circ;Abe 100;Sarah laughter;son old age;day weaned feast(21:1-8)

14.Sarah saw son Hagar mocking;get rid slave/son;distressed Abe;G:don’t be distressed(9-12)

15.nation also;early next am Abe food/water Hagar;water gone boy bushes;can’t watch boy die(13-16)

16.G heard boy,what matter Hagar;take boy grt nation;opened eyes saw well;G with boy archer(17-20) got wife Egypt(21)


18.Abim&Phicol2Abe:G w/u;swear deal falsely;I swear;A complaind abt well(22-25)

19.I don’t know;treaty;Abe 7 ewe lambs;Abim:what meaning;accept as witness I dug(26-30)

20.Beersheba oath;Abim&Phicol ret’d land Philistines;Abe plantd tamarisk;stayd land Phil long(31-34)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.The Lord sends angels to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (19:1-26)

Principle:  The Lord delays judgment to the last moment.

2.Lot’s daughters become pregnant and Abraham fears being killed because of Sarah (19:27-20:18)

Principle:  Fearful reactions are not part of God’s plans.

3.Sarah weans Isaac and Hagar and Ishmael are sent away (21:1-21)


4.Abraham’s well (21:22-34)



Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

God destroys Sodom, Gomorrah, saves Lot; Isaac comes, Ishmael goes.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, Desire etc.):

TCMATK God is trustworthy and His people need not fear.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about heart change):

1.Where are you relying on God’s mercy to delay judgment?  How will you give that are over to His Lordship today?

2.How will you give God control over your responses rather than allowing fear to control you?

3.What needs to change in your thinking to help you live at peace with others (in this time of protest)?

4.How will you invite God into your dealings (treaties) with others?

Pastor Matt – Gen 19

In the last days, there will be a rise in immorality.  Pastor Matt thought so when he spoke this sermon.  And it’s even moreso today.

Sodom – city by Dead Sea; not about geographical location, but about a heart condition; condition = rebellion

The angels didn’t want to enter Lot’s house because he wasn’t in fellowship with God.  “Feast” of unleavened bread.  This is a far cry from what Abraham offered.  Lot doesn’t have much to offer.  He’s lived in Sodom in compromise.  It’s ruined his children, his life.  What is my offering for the Lord?  It’s going to depend on my fellowship with the Lord.  Many Christians are saved but not separated.  You need to leave worldliness behind.

Lot calls the townsmen “brothers” and offers his daughters to be gang-raped.  Sometimes we choose the lesser of two evils when we should choose neither.

Compromise is a way of life for Lot!  I see this attitude in myself – I’ve said this about how I’ve voted in political elections.

When you try to make friends with the world, it will turn on you.  We should have an effect on this world for Christ.

We can’t pick and choose what sins we condemn.

Four daughters?

Lot lingered…procrastinated…because he’s used to lingering.

Oh, my!  I’m a lingerer, a procrastinator, a compromiser!

The angels grab Lot in God’s mercy and drag him out of there.  If God didn’t grab me, I would linger to my ruin!

“Going up to the mountain” is a picture of Calvary.

The removal of Lot before the destruction of Sodom is a beautiful picture of the rapture.


Gen 20

Our intimate fellowship with God gets left behind when we go to visit Egypt.

Here we go again: “she’s my sister”

Who’s the saint here?  Abraham who is moving out into the world and doing as the world does – or – Abimelech who is worldly but behaving better than Abraham?

A half-truth = a whole lie

Children follow in their parent’s footsteps.  Mentees follow in their mentor’s footsteps.

God uses us in spite of our failings and weakness.


Gen 21

Gal 4:22 - Paul teaches the OT shows spiritual truth in pictures (allegory)

Allegory pictures Abraham as Faith, Hagar as the Law, Sarah as Grace.  Ishmael is the Flesh (human effort to accomplish godly power), Isaac is the Spirit.  Natural comes before the Spirit.  Ishmael mocking Isaac – the nature of the flesh is revealed when the Spirit is birthed.  Grace steps in when the flesh wars with the Spirit. Grace says to Faith: cast out the Law and the Flesh.  The Law and Faith are diametrically opposed to each other.

Isn’t it unfair of Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away with very little provision?  Rom 13:14 – make no provision for the flesh.

The Flesh doesn’t go anywhere unless we send it by Faith.  The Flesh lives in the wilderness (barren, hot, dry).  The wife of the Flesh is Egypt.  God will allow it to live, but He will not allow it to be fruitful.  The Arab nations have a lot of oil, but if you go to the middle east, you’ll see the fruit they produce: hatred, oppression.

Gal 5 – how to apply this reality.  You are free in Christ.  How do I apply?  Stand fast in the liberty.  Don’t wander off to Egypt or Gerar.  Stay in Hebron, Mamre.

2 Cor 10:3 – How you walk in the Spirit – Take thoughts captive for Christ.  You imagine something and that’s where you go…

You need water for fruit to grow.

After fruit-bearing comes the test…next week – Chapter 22.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Homiletics Genesis 16-18


Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.Sarai children,Egyptian slave Hagar;2A:sleep slave bld fam,A agreed;Canaan 10y,Hagar wife(16:1-3)

2.H conceived,despised mistress;S2A:slave despises;A:do whatever,S mistreat,H fled,aoL found H(4-7)

3.he:H ou cm from/going,running;go back,submit;incr desc;son Ishmael;wild,v evry1;One sees me(8-13)

4.Beer Lahai Roi betw Kadesh/Bered;H son, A named Ishmael;A 86yo(14-16)


5.A 99yo, L appeared;cov increase #s;A fell facedown;fr many nations;Abraham;kings cm from u(17:1-6)

6.everlastg cov me-desc;land everlastg poss;u/desc keep cov;every male circ;circ sign(7-11)

7.8do circ born/bought;uncirc cut off;Sarah;son;A facedn laughd;Ishmael blessing;y but Isaac cov(12-19)

8.Ishmael bless fruitful great;Isaac cov;fin spk;that day A every male circ;A 99yo circ;Ish 13yo(20-25)

9.A&Ish circ same day;every male born bought circ(26-27)


10.L appeared near Mamre;A saw 3 men;pass svt by;wash feet rest;eat refresh, very well(18:1-5)

11.2S:quick bread;selected calf svt prepare;curds,milk,calf ate;where S;next year son,S listening(6-10)

12.S past age childbearing;S laughed2self;L2A:why S laugh;anything2hard;S:not laugh(11-15) lv looked Sodom;L hide about do?A grt pwrfl nation;chosen, will dir children(16-19)

14.Sodom Gomorrah sin grievous;I go see;A stay;sweep rteous w/wckd;50 ppl;Judge do rt(20-25)

15.L:50 spare;A:45,destroy;40, not do it;30, will not;20,destroy;10, destroy;L left,A home(26-33)







Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.Sarai gives Hagar to Abram (Genesis 16)

Principle:  The Lord’s ways are not our ways.

2.The Lord reveals the covenant sign and promise (Genesis 17)

Principle:  The Lord’s people are marked by circumcision.

3.The Lord promises a son and reveals plans for Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18)

Principle:  The Lord uses conversation with Him to align our thinking with His.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

Hagar conceives; Abram circumcises; God promises Isaac and Sodom destruction.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, Desire etc.):

TCMATK the best way to do anything is God’s way.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about heart change):

1.In what areas are you being tempted to take matters into your own hands rather than doing things God’s way or even seeking His will?

2.Where has your thinking and activity become more godly as a result of God’s circumcision of your heart?

3.How is your Bible study and prayer life transforming your thinking to be more in alignment with God’s?

Pastor Matt – Gen 16

Chapter 15 is the chapter of faith; chapter 16 is the chapter of unbelief.

We all have these chapters.  And they’re often back-to-back.

Faith is NOT manipulating

Everyone in this story fails

The husband is supposed to be the spiritual leader.  Here, the woman is manipulating and the husband is letting her.

There are lots of people running around fragmented because of multiple sexual partners.

Firstborn is the fruit of the flesh.  Second born is of the promise.

Abram is to blame because he shouldn’t have listened to his wife in the first place.  He should’ve taken the spiritual lead.

Abram=faith; Sarai=grace; Hagar=the law

Faith+the law=the flesh

Faith+grace=the spirit

In the last verse of chapter 16, Abram is 86 years old and Ishmael is born.  In the first verse of chapter 17, Abram is 99 and the Lord is appearing to him.  What was happening during those 13 years?

If you sow things of the spirit, you will reap the spirit.  If you sow the flesh, you will reap the flesh.

Was Abram sowing the flesh?  Was he not hearing from God?

Whatever things of the flesh are overtaking you, confess and repent.  You may still have consequences, but you’re on your way to being free.


Gen 17

Sarah’s womb is a tomb.  It was dead.

We need to be overwhelmed by God!

New names in this chapter:  El Shaddai, Abraham, Sarah

Circumcision – an outward work in an inward part

Col 2:11 – circumcision without hands

Phil 3:3 – we are the circumcision

Having no confidence in the flesh

Abraham is hanging onto the flesh


Gen 18

Abraham’s laugh was one of joy.  Sarah’s was one of disbelief.  Because of her barrenness, she was sure she would never have a child.

If I base God’s capability upon my ability, I suffer from unbelief, too.

NOTHING is too hard for the Lord!

Abraham knows Sodom is ripe for destruction.

Abraham knows Lot is righteous because he believes in God.

Everybody can pray.  Yet, it’s the most neglected.

Prayer is not a gift, it’s a privilege.

Samuel Chadwick – “The one concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying.  He fears nothing from prayerless studies or prayerless work or prayerless religion.  He laughs at our toil.  He mocks our wisdom.  But he trembles when we pray.”

The one thing that causes the devil to tremble is within the capacity of every single believer.  And if we’d pray, Satan would flee.

Abraham is digging deeper into the heart of God.

God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked.  God wants no one to perish.

As Abraham keeps digging, he finds this to be so.

There is true judgment for the world coming.

Father, please make me the kind of person who will pray for the lost and want to see them saved.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Homiletics Genesis 12-15


Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.L2A:Go;grt nation,u b blessing;all ppls blessd through u;A left,Lot,A75yo;Sarai,Lot,poss2Canaan(12:1-5)

2.A trvl thru land grt tree Moreh,Shechem;L appeard:2offspr gv land,altar;hills Bethel w,Ai e,altar(6-8)

3.toward Negev;famine2Egypt;2S:say u sister;Egyptians S beautiful;tkn Phar palace;treat A well(9-16)

4.L afflicted Phar;Phar2A:what u done;u say sister,tk wife;Phar sent him,wife,everything(17-20) Negev;A wealthy livestock, silver,gold;2place between Bethel and Ai ou tent before,called L(13:1-4)

6.Lot had flocks herds tents;land could not support together;quarreling between herders(5-7)

7.A2Lot:quarreling;let’s part;Lot plain lk garden;chose,parted;A live Canaan,Lot nr Sodom;wckd(8-13)

8.L2A:lk nsew;all u see I gv offspring;lk dust of earth;go walk through land;A went Hebron,altar(14-18)


9.kings of Shinar,Ellasar,Elam,Goyim war v Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboyim,Bela(Zoar)(14:1-2)

10.latter joined forces Siddim;12y subject Kedorlaomer,13th y rebelled;14th y king K/allies def ites(3-7)

11.kings Sodom…2 Siddim battle lines;4 kings v 5;kings Sodom&Gom fled hills,men fall tar pits(8-10)

12.4 kings seized Sodom&Gom goods/food;carried off Lot;man rptd2A;A 318 trained men pursuit(11-14)

13.A divided men attack;recovered goods,Lot,others;after A retd,king Sodom meet Shaveh(15-17)

14.Melchizedek Salem bread wine;blessed A by God Most High;praise GMH,A gave 1/10th(18-20)

15.K Sodom2A:gv me ppl,u kp goods;A:accept nothg,u nvr say:I md A rich;let men w/me hv share(21-24)


16.L2A:ur shield;A:childless;svt heir;L:son heir;count stars,so offsprg be:A believed,cred rtness(15:1-6)

17.I L,gv u land;A:how I know;brink heifer,goat,ram,dove,pigeon;A brought,cut,arr,birds cut half(7-10)

18.birds of prey A drove away;sun setting,A sleep;L:400y desc enslaved;cm out w/grt poss(11-14)

19.You go 2ancest peace,old age;4th gen desc cm bk;smokg firepot passed between pieces(15-17)

20.L md cov w. A;to desc gv land of ites(18-21)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.God calls Abram from Harran to Canaan (Genesis 12)

Principle:  God calls His people out of familiar places.

2.God promises land to Abram’s offspring forever (Genesis 13)

Principle:  God promises territory to His people.

3.Abram rescues Lot and worships the Most High God with Melchizedek (Genesis 14)

Principle:  God is worthy of our worship.

4.God makes a covenant with Abram to give his descendants the land (Genesis 15)

Principle:  God’s covenant promises are absolute.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

God calls Abram, promises land, is worshiped and makes covenant.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, Desire etc.):

TCMATK God will call His people out of comfort zones and into new territory.


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about heart change):

1.Where is God calling you out of that you’re resistant to leave?  What needs to change for you to obey that calling?

2.What does the gap between the promises God has made to you versus the promises you want Him to make to you say about the condition of your heart?

3.What is God teaching you about how to worship Him through other people?  How are these lessons changing your view of the world?

4.Where are you struggling to glorify God with the territory He covenanted to give you?



Pastor Matt - Gen 12-13:4

Our faith is revealed by tests

Called out of Ur – a metropolis according to archaeologists

Faith is obedience in spite of what may happen

Wherever we recognize the Lord is, we should build an altar.  Abram built altars at Shechem (Gen 12:6-7), between Bethel and Ai (Gen 12:8), Hebron (Gen 13:18), mountain in region of Moriah (Gen 22:9)


Do people know where I’ve been because they see an altar where I’ve worshiped God?

Faith that can’t be tested, can’t be trusted.

True faith is tested.


Egypt represents the world.

Abram ran from a trial and right into a new set of problems.  God wanted to take Abram through the trial in Canaan.

How many times do I not counsel with God because I already know the answer?

If you can’t build an altar where you are, you don’t belong there!

Abram was self-consumed, not concerned with Sarai

Pharaoh knew the plagues came upon his house because of Sarai

Abram lost his testimony and witness.  Abram lied and the king of Egypt rebuked him for being a phony.

Is material gain a confirmation of blessing?  No.  Abram has wealth, but it came from the world and confirms his compromise.

1 Peter 3 – Peter calls Sarai out.  An example of a godly woman.  When you’re married to a man who won’t lead spiritually, treat them as if they were a great spiritual leader.  Let God convict him.  Do you think a husband knows when he’s not leading properly?  Every time.  Sarai did what Abram asked.

Guys, you want to destroy your wives, just make them feel unloved.  Gals, you want to kill your husbands, just don’t respect them.

Lot was with Abram.  The trip to Egypt affected him.  In the next chapter, Lot chooses the land that reminded him of Egypt.

How many kids wind up in Egypt because their parents have taken trips to Egypt?

Abram came back to his first love.  He wound up at that altar he built at first.  But Abram will do the same thing again…  How many times do I digress?  The answer is to come back!

We don’t sing “Great is my faithfulness…”

God will never say, “Don’t come back.”

Confession brings cleansing.  Concealment brings discipline.


Pastor Matt - Gen 13:5-14

The effect on Lot was substantial.  Trips to Egypt leaves us with consequences.

Abram and Lot had so much stuff between them, they couldn’t dwell contentedly with each other.

1 Cor 2:14 – the natural man has no spiritual life.  Spiritual things go right over his head.  The spiritual man has a spiritual awareness.  1 Cor 3 – the carnal man, the fleshly man.  If you’re too carnal, you can’t feed on the meat of the Word.  You can’t hear meaty teachings.  Where there is strife, there is carnality.


Lot is being the carnal man, here.  He’s saved, but he’s walking in the flesh.

Lot chose the land that looked like Egypt.


If you’re living near Sodom, you need to move.


We are to storm the gates of hell and rescue those who have been taken captive.  Gal 6:1.


You will always have two visitors when you return from a victory.  The king of Sodom (burning), covered in slime.  The king of Salem (peace) and he brings bread and wine.



Pastor Matt – Gen 15


Sets up some things.


Spiritual warfare is exhausting.


You can’t take a break as a Christian.  Satan will try to convince you to reward yourself for spiritual victory with something fleshly.


The enemy is often seen as a bird.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Homiletics Genesis 10-11


Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

1.Acct Shem, Ham, Japheth after flood;Japheth:Gomer,Magog,Madai,Javan,Tubal,Meshek,Tiras(10:1-2)

2.sons Gomer:Ashkenaz,Riphath,Togarmah;Javan:Elishah,Tarshish,Kittites,Rodanites (Maritime)(3-5)


4.Cush fr Nimrod mty warrior/hunter;1st ctr kingdm:Babylon,Uruk,Akkad,Kalneh(Shinar)to Assyria(8-10)

5.Egypt fr Ludites,Anamites,Lehabites,Naphtuhites,Pathrusites,Kasluhites(Philistines),Caphtorites(11-14)

6.Canaan fr Sidon,Hitt~,Jebus~,Amor~,Girgash~,Hiv~,Ark~,Sin~,Arvad~,Zemar~,latr clans scatterd(15-18)

7.borders Sidon,Gerar,Gaza,Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboyim,Lasha;sons of Ham(19-20)

8.Shem ancestor of Eber;sons:Elam,Ashur,Arphaxad,Lud,Aram;Aram:Uz,Hul,Gether,Meshek(21-23)

9.Arph fr Shelah fr Eber fr Peleg (earth divided),Joktan(24-25)



12.region Mesha,Sephar;sons Shem;clans Noah’s sons,from these nations spread earth(30-32)


13.whole world one language;ppl eastward Shinar settled;make bricks tar for mortar(11:1-3) city, tower, name for ourselves or we scattered;L came down:let us confuse language(4-7)

15.L scattered,they stopped bldg.;Babel(8-9)

16.Shem 2y after flood 100yo fr Arphaxad,500y other s/d;Arphaxad 35y fr Shelah,403y other s/d(10-13)

17.Shelah,30y,fr Eber,403y other s/d;Eber,34,Peleg,430y,other s/d;Peleg,30,Reu,209y,other s/d(14-19)

18.Reu,32,Serug,207y,other s/d;Serug,30,Nahor,200y,other s/d;Nahor,29,Terah,119y,other s/d(20-25)

19.Terah,70,Abram,Nahor,Haran;Haran fr Lot, died Ur;A&N married Sarai,Milkah(dtr of Haran)(26-29)

20.Sarai childless;Terah tk A,Lot,Sarai to Canaan;Harran settled;Terah lived 205y,died Harran(30-32)


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.The Sons of Noah’s Sons: Japheth, Shem and Ham (Gen 10)


2.The tower of Babel, the descendants of Shem and the family of Terah (Gen 11)

Principle:  God divides to multiply.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

God scattered Noah’s sons’ clans scattered at Babel; Abram’s father, Terah dies at Harran.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, Desire etc.):

TCMATK God places importance on people to spread out, be fruitful and multiply (spiritually).


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about heart change):

1.Where might God be calling you to take your testimony and how will you take it there in this time of quarantine?

2.What needs to become less in your life so you are able to focus on serving Jesus and making disciples?

Gen 5:32 says after Noah was 500 years old, he became the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Gen 9:24 says Ham is Noah’s youngest son.

Gen 10:21 says Sons were also born to Shem, whose older brother was Japheth (fn states or “Shem, the older brother of”)

Gen 11:10 says 2 years after the flood, when Shem was 100 years old



Pastor Matt


Google: 4 years from planting to 1st bottle of wine.  2 years to fruit.

When you try to expose people, that’s a cursed way to live.  Cover others’ sins.


Gen 10

Man didn’t want to scatter.  At the Tower of Babel, God confused language and scattered people.

Jesus wanted early church to spread.  Persecution scattered the church.

We ought to do things God’s way.

Sons of

Gomer – Celtics

Magog – Scythians, Tartars, Ezekiel 38 Russia

Madai – Medes and Persians

Javan, Tubal, Meshek – part of Russia (Tubal & Meshek are towns(?) today)

Europe is spiritually dark today.

Ashkenaz – Germans (group of German Jews known as Ashkenazi)

Ham – Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia

Cush – Nimrod (“let us rebel”), conqueror of people

10:18 – these ppl settled the area that was to be the promised land.

10:23 – Job was from Uz

10:25 – earth divided?  Physically?  Or maybe the division of people at the confusion of language?

70 nations (populated the earth)

70 Israelites go into Egypt

70 years captivity

70 weeks Daniel

70 members Sanhedrin

70 – God’s way of restoring order (7-completion, 10-God’s law)


Gen 11

Tower of Babel – Ziggurat - Signs of the zodiac – they tried to make what God made about them.

astronomy – study of stars

Rom 1:18-19 – men hold truth down to practice unrighteousness.

Psalm 19 – the Heavens declare the glory of God.  Night shows knowledge.  Every culture was supposed to be able to read the heavens.

“The Gospel in the Stars”

Job 9:9 – mentions constellations

Isa 40 – God made and named ALL the stars

Genealogy in Gen 5 spells out the Gospel.  Why can’t the stars?

Isa 47:13 – about Babylon, “see if your horoscope writers can save you”


We’re still building towers of defiance against God!


Dialects scattered the people.

Rev 17:5 – God finally dealing with the Babylon System aka Defiance against God.

Rom 1:21 – the knowledge of God is built into man.  Man must reject God purposely.

When man refuses to submit, he becomes darkened.

You have to change the truth to not believe in God.


11:31-32 – Harran is about halfway between Ur and Canaan.  Half obedience=death.


Everything is a setup.  It’s to see how we’ll deal with issues.


Babel is rebellion against God camouflaged as religion.


Shem, Ham, and Japheth

Genesis 10:32 - These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.  

Map of the Descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japheth
Mount Ararat and Babylon in Ancient Mesopotamia
The Son's of Noah. This map shows the locations of the nations descended from Noah's 3 sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Shem (Asia)
Shem (Heb. "Name") was Noah's oldest son and part of Noah's family of eight who survived the great flood. Shem and his wife were childless before the flood, but after the flood Shem bore a son at 110 years of age. He was father to five sons who became the fathers of the five Semitic nations as shown below. Shem was actually the father of the nations of the ancient Near East including the Israelites and the Jewish religion, and therefore Judaism, Islam, and Christianity sprang from the line of Shem. The Semites were particularly known for their religious zeal.

The Five Nations of Shem:

1. Elam (The Persians) settled northeast of the Persian Gulf.

2. Asshur (The Assyrians) the Biblical name for Assyria, settled between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers.

3. Arphaxad (The Babylonians) settled in Chaldea.

4. Lud (The Lydians) settled in Asia Minor, but some of them sailed across the Mediterranean and settled in northern Africa.

5. Aram (The Syrians) the Biblical name for Syria, located north and east of Israel.

Ham (Africa)
Ham (Heb. "hot" or "Black") was Noah's second oldest son and part of the family of eight who survived the great flood. Ham and his wife bore 4 sons who became the fathers of the nations of Africa. Ham's fourth son Canaan was prophetically cursed because he gazed at his fathers nakedness while he was drunk. This curse would mean later that Canaan would lose his land to the Hebrews and would be subservient to the descendants of Shem. The Hamites were known for their physical endurance.

The Four Nations of Ham:

1. Cush (The Ethiopians) settled in Ethiopia south of Egypt, also early in their history some of them migrated to an area north of the Persian Gulf (Gen. 10:8-10).

2. Mizraim (The Egyptians) the Bible name for Egypt, settled in northeastern Africa.

3. Phut (The Libyans) sometimes translated Libya, settled in northern Africa.

4. Canaan (The Canaanites) settled above Africa east of the Mediterranean (Later was given to the Hebrews).

Japheth (Europe)
Japheth (Heb. "God will Enlarge)") was Noah's third oldest son and part of the family of eight who survived the great flood. Japheth and Shem were both greatly blessed for respecting their father Noah. Noah's blessing on Japheth was far reaching for all of his descendants being the European (Caucasian) nations that were mentioned in Genesis 10. The Japhethites were known for their intellectual activity.

The Seven Nations of Japheth:

I. Gomer (The Cimmerians) settled north of the Black Sea, but afterwards his descendants probably occupied Germany, France, Spain and the British Isles.

2. Magog (The Scythians) lived north of the Caspian Sea.

3. Madai (The Medes) settled south of the Caspian Sea.

4. Javan (The Ionians or Greeks) Javan is the Hebrew name for Greeks, they settled in Greece.

5. Tubal (The Turks) lived south of the Black Sea.

6. Meshech (The Slavs) lived between the Black and Caspian Seas,

7. Tiras (The Etruscans) located west of the Black Sea.

Genesis 10:32 - These [are] the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.