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Homiletics - Mark 1

Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Beginning good news Jesus; Isaiah:I send messenger ahead;voice calling desert:prepare way L(1-4) 2.Jn Baptist baptism repentance;Judean ctrysd/Jerus confessing,baptized Jordan rvr(5) 3.Jn wore camel’s hair, leather, ate locusts, honey;msg:one more powerful;I baptize water,He HS(6-8)   4.Jesus came Naz,bap by Jn;J cm out water hvn open Spirit desc dove;voice:Son well pleased(9-11) 5.Spirit sent wilderness;40d tempted Satan w/wild animals angels attend(12-13) 6.After Jn prison, J Galilee good news;koG cm near,repent believe(14-15) 7.J saw Simon Andrew;cm follow fish ppl;they left nets,followed;Jas/Jn;He called,they left father(16-20)   8.Capernaum Sabbath J synagogue teach;ppl amazed authority,not as teachers law(21-22) 9. man poss:what want J? Destroy us? Holy One G! Quiet! Come out! Impure spirit came out(23-26) 10.ppl amazed:new teaching authority impure spirits obey;news spread Galile

Homiletics Genesis 19-21

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.angels Sodom eve,Lot gateway,bowed;L:house,wash,spend nt,spend night square;insisted(19:1-3) surr house;men bring sex;Lot outside;no friends,wicked;daughters;pressure Lot mv fwd(4-9) 3.pulled Lot in house;struck men at door blindness;anyone else, get out;L sent us destroy(10-13) 4.Lot spoke sons-in-law;dawn, angels:hurry;he,wife,2dtrs, L merciful;flee;pls no;I can’t flee mts(14-19);very well;quickly Zoar;sun risen;L rained burning sulphur Sod/Gom;overthrew;wife salt(20-26)   6.early next am Abe b4L;lookd Sod/Gom smoke;G destroyed, brought Lot out;Lot dtrs settled mts(27-30) 7.older dtr2younger:no men;sleep with fr;fr drink older dtr,tonight you go;fr drink younger sleep(31-35) 8.daughters pregnant;older son Moab;younger son Ben-Ammi Ammonites(36-38) 9.Abe2Gerar;Sarah sis Abimelech took;Abim dream married wm;Abim:L destroy innoct nation(20:1-4) 10.I clr conscience/hands;G:I

Homiletics Genesis 16-18

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Sarai children ,Egyptian slave Hagar;2A:sleep slave bld fam,A agreed;Canaan 10y,Hagar wife(16:1-3) 2.H conceived,despised mistress;S2A:slave despises;A:do whatever,S mistreat,H fled,aoL found H(4-7) 3.he:H ou cm from/going,running;go back,submit;incr desc;son Ishmael;wild,v evry1;One sees me(8-13) 4.Beer Lahai Roi betw Kadesh/Bered;H son, A named Ishmael;A 86yo(14-16)   5.A 99yo, L appeared;cov increase #s;A fell facedown;fr many nations;Abraham;kings cm from u(17:1-6) 6.everlastg cov me-desc;land everlastg poss;u/desc keep cov;every male circ;circ sign(7-11) 7.8do circ born/bought;uncirc cut off;Sarah;son;A facedn laughd;Ishmael blessing;y but Isaac cov(12-19) 8.Ishmael bless fruitful great;Isaac cov;fin spk;that day A every male circ;A 99yo circ;Ish 13yo(20-25) 9.A&Ish circ same day;every male born bought circ(26-27)   10.L appeared near Mamre;A saw 3 men; pass svt by;wash feet

Homiletics Genesis 12-15

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.L2A:Go;grt nation,u b blessing;all ppls blessd through u;A left,Lot,A75yo;Sarai,Lot,poss2Canaan(12:1-5) 2.A trvl thru land grt tree Moreh,Shechem;L appeard:2offspr gv land,altar;hills Bethel w,Ai e,altar(6-8) 3.toward Negev;famine2Egypt;2S:say u sister;Egyptians S beautiful;tkn Phar palace;treat A well(9-16) 4.L afflicted Phar;Phar2A:what u done;u say sister,tk wife;Phar sent him,wife,everything(17-20) Negev;A wealthy livestock, silver,gold;2place between Bethel and Ai ou tent before,called L(13:1-4) 6.Lot had flocks herds tents;land could not support together;quarreling between herders(5-7) 7.A2Lot: quarreling ;let’s part;Lot plain lk garden;chose,parted;A live Canaan,Lot nr Sodom;wckd(8-13) 8.L2A:lk nsew;all u see I gv offspring;lk dust of earth;go walk through land;A went Hebron,altar(14-18)   9.kings of Shinar,Ellasar,Elam,Goyim war v Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboyim,Bela(Zoar)(1

Homiletics Genesis 10-11

  Content ( not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line ): 1.Acct Shem, Ham, Japheth after flood;Japheth:Gomer,Magog,Madai,Javan,Tubal,Meshek,Tiras(10:1-2) 2.sons Gomer:Ashkenaz,Riphath,Togarmah;Javan:Elishah,Tarshish,Kittites,Rodanites (Maritime)(3-5) 3.Ham:Cush,Egypt,Put,Canaan;Cush:Seba,Havilah,Sabtah,Raamah,Sabteka;Raahmah:Sheba,Dedan(6-7) 4.Cush fr Nimrod mty warrior/hunter;1 st ctr kingdm:Babylon,Uruk,Akkad,Kalneh(Shinar)to Assyria(8-10) 5.Egypt fr Ludites,Anamites,Lehabites,Naphtuhites,Pathrusites,Kasluhites(Philistines),Caphtorites(11-14) 6.Canaan fr Sidon,Hitt~,Jebus~,Amor~,Girgash~,Hiv~,Ark~,Sin~,Arvad~,Zemar~,latr clans scatterd(15-18) 7.borders Sidon,Gerar,Gaza,Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboyim,Lasha;sons of Ham(19-20) 8.Shem ancestor of Eber;sons:Elam,Ashur,Arphaxad,Lud,Aram;Aram:Uz,Hul,Gether,Meshek(21-23) 9.Arph fr Shelah fr Eber fr Peleg (earth divided),Joktan(24-25) 10.Joktan:Almodad,Sheleph,Hazarmaveth,Jerah(26) 11.Hadoram,Uzal,Dikl