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Day Thirty-Nine – The Love Dare: One Wife’s Journey

Back in October 2008...The scripture verse that touched me in particular today is –

Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:8

Love endures…

The devotion entry today says something to the affect that love doesn’t waffle when it’s not received the way it wants to be. Real love can’t be told to quit! And the dare to write my honey a letter about it is a good one, but a tough one. Still, I did it.

That was then, this is now…

Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:8

Love endures. If it doesn’t endure, it isn’t love. Any questions?

Love has to be of God. I fail all the time. Scripture says that love NEVER fails. Only God can make that claim. For love to exist in marriage, God must be there! It’s that simple. People think they love each other, but they have no clue what that means until the only thing that keeps them from murdering the other person is an absolute, unquenchable, indescribable LOVE FOR GOD! We can’t do this love thing on our own.

Father, I’m so glad You love me. I’m glad that You have placed my husband in my life to share Your love with me, and I’m glad that You use me to show Your love to him. Thank You for making us the instruments of love, that we can experience love because of You. I wouldn’t want to live my whole life (even though Your Word says that my life is as fleeting as vapor) without knowing love through You. Thank You that Your love endures, and You’ve allowed us to participate in that endurance, as well. Give us the strength and commitment to never give up on You or each other. I praise You in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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