Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blake Shelton is coming to Primm, NV

Hey, Blake.

You’ll probably never read this, but that doesn’t give me permission to drop the ball on writing these words of encouragement to you. So here you go:

You are responsible for making a country music lover and CD purchaser out of me.

My husband, the country music fan, is always recommending specific country songs to me, a die-hard rock-n-roller/contemporary Christian music listener. It’s a wonder that we ever wed. I suppose opposites really do attract. Anyway, “Some Beach” was one of the songs he made me listen to. I CRACKED UP!

But what really got me hooked and exploring country music was watching you on “Clash of the Choirs” in 2007. I had just lost my job, and was pretty upset. You made me laugh. Your technique for assembling your choir by picking the choir director’s brain but not his voice surprised me. I cracked up again! Your sense of humor constantly peeked through on the show and made me cheer for your choir’s victory every week. Your rendition of “Life Is A Highway” was amazing. In fact, I kept hoping that a CD based on that show would be cut and released to benefit charity. Oh, well… I like Rascal Flatts’ version, too.

Although your choir didn’t win the competition, your style and leadership won a place in this ol’ Christian rock-n-roll heart o’ mine. So, I started buying your CDs, fell in love with several of your songs (“Austin”, “Ol’ Red”, “All Over Me”, “I Don’t Care”, “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”…), visited your website and found about your upcoming concert in Primm, NV. We’ve already bought our tickets. We can’t wait for the show!

Thank you, Blake, for broadening my musical taste and making me laugh when I really needed it. Keep on making beautiful music. Sing those comical stories. You are one funny cowboy and talented musician!

One final thing: Do you know how much Jesus loves you? Stand in front of a mirror and spread out your arms as far as they’ll go. That’s how much. I pray that you already have a relationship with Him. If you do, praise Him! If not, know that He wants a relationship with you and He’s wanting you to stop by and chat anytime.

Holy Father, I lift up Blake to You right now. I pray that he will deepen his relationship with You, Lord. I pray that he would allow You to fulfill Your plan for his life and that he would be an example of godliness to his fans and other celebrities, and therefore a success in this life. I thank You for the opportunity to pray for him and others in the public eye to whom others may look up for who they should be. I ask that their focus be drawn to You, Jesus. Amen.

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