Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Pathway to Discipleship

I’m really interested to know what direction you were given when you first became a Christian to help you grow in your faith.  Does your church have a formal discipleship program where a mature believer comes alongside a new believer and helps them navigate their life and faith for a specified time?  Were you given a Bible and a reading plan and sent off to find your way on your own?  Please comment and let me know what direction you were given when you first came to faith.

When I became a Christian, I was put on a path of sorts.  My Aunt bought me a Bible after I accepted Christ and I think she set me on the following reading plan:  read the Gospel of John 4x, read through the Gospels (Matthew – Mark – Luke – John) once, read through the entire New Testament once, read through the entire Bible.  Beyond that, I was on my own.  I’d pick up interesting looking Bible studies from the Christian bookstore.  I read Chuck Swindoll and Kay Arthur, Joyce Meyer and John Bevere.  Then I discovered Beth Moore.  Her Bible studies had me looking up all kinds of Scripture, so I got to know the layout of my Bible.  She also taught me one of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned:  once I came to faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit came to live in me!  Other Bible teachers followed:  Liz Curtis Higgs, Priscilla Shirer and Tony Evans, to name a few.  Now I’m involved in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), and being involved with this organization has given me invaluable training.  It’s a worldwide annual 30-week intense Bible study that offers all kinds of seminars to teach you how to study the Bible yourself.  I’ve been given valuable tools for other areas of ministry like teaching Sunday School and leading Bible study (even after engaging in these ministries for years).  It’s also helped me develop a quiet time and taught me how to share my faith.  I highly recommend BSF if it’s available in your area.  Find out if there’s a class near you at

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Greeting from Taiwan. i'm also a BSFer starting to do homiletics recently so I found your blog. God's word unify god's people. Grace & peace be yours in abundance.