Monday, June 01, 2009

Getting Comfy: Ice Breakers #4 - Lifesaver Search

The title of this Ice Breaker, "Lifesaver Search", reminded me of the ocean. You know: lifeguards and life preservers. So, here's a "welcome to summer" activity for your small group.

The objective is to get people moving around the room and hopefully meeting some new people. You will need enough bags of Lifesavers so that each person can have one. Hand each woman a lifesaver. She is to open it, look at the color and put it in her mouth. She should not let anyone else see the color. When the leader says, "Go!" everyone in the room gets up and, WITHOUT ANY TALKING, walks around the room with their mouths open wide and gets in groups according to color...all reds in one group, all greens in one group, etc. The group that forms first wins. You could then have all the reds introduce themselves to each other, and to the group.

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Frank Creed said...

I tried this once, but we used a bag of wintergreen flavor Life-Savers. Very boring & confusing. Everyone was shrugging and frowning, and talkin' all blubbery with tongues sticking out.
We sat in a big circle and opted for duck-duck-goose.

Kay, I made that up just now, but wanted to say scads-o-thanks for choosing to send the get well card. 8D

They say for every person who contacts you there are ten more that don't, and I can't believe how many folks were yanking my prayer chain. I healed up well, and am getting back to things.

For full-time writers, the Web becomes our workplace, and this tool has a wonderful uniting effect on the Body of Christ.

Again, thanks Sis!


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