Thursday, September 09, 2021

Things I Learn About Myself from My Dogs!

Sometimes an epiphany comes at 4:45 in the morning while I’m walking my dogs.  My day hasn’t come under attack by everyone trying to accomplish the tasks on their plate who invariably interrupt me while I’m trying to accomplish the things on my plate!  It’s dark outside and although some lights glow through crack-like openings in closed drapes in the windows I pass in my neighborhood, the world still seems to be asleep.  Peace.  J

Then, our new puppy decides she wants to breakaway!  The leash rubs my hands raw, but I hold fast.  She gags as she pulls her collar tight on the front of her throat.  She stops and then tries again.  Stops again.  All three dogs see a cat!  Another breakaway attempt, but I’m braced for it.  Heel!

This morning, it felt like Jesus was whispering to me, “Heel.”  Oy!  Massive realization:  I’m just like my dogs!  Maybe not often like the puppy that runs off at every opportunity, but certainly like the older dogs that see the cat and want to chase!  What pulls me off the path with Jesus?  What makes me want to take off running away from Him rather than keep a nice, slow, enjoyable pace with Him?  What makes me choke myself when I should just enjoy the walk?  Accumulating stuff?  Competing for kudos at work?  Saying “yes” to every activity I’m asked to participate in?  Saying “yes” to every ministry opportunity?  Someone else’s emergency?  What shiny thing distracts me from my purpose of fellowship with Jesus?

Wanting to be with Jesus has to be a priority.  It has to be the most important thing I do all day.  It has to be the first appointment I set.  And the appointment I never skip or put off.  How do you prioritize your time with Jesus?

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