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Homiletics: Acts 12

Content (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture, fit on one line):

12:1-3 Herod attacked church, exec Jas, Jn bro, w/sword;saw pleasd Jews,arrest P dur FestUnlvBr

4-5 P prison,4squad/4soldats guard;bring out after Passovr;church prayg fervently

6 Herod abt bring P4trial,that night,P bound2chains,sleep betw2guards;sentries front door guard


7-8 aoL strike P side,”Get up”, chains fell;get dressed,put on sandals,wrap cloak,follow me

9-10 followd, thot vision;past 1st&2nd guards,iron gate opened by itself;they went out,passed 1st,a left

11-12 P:I know L sent a&rescued me from Herod’s grasp;went2Mary,momof Jn-Mk where many pray

13-14 knocked outr gate,svt Rhoda cm, recog P voce;bec of joy open gate,ran in announc P@gate

15- “you’re out of mind”, but she insisting; they said “it’s is angel”;

16- P kept knocking, they opend door, saw,were amazed

17- motioning2b silent he descry how L brought him out of prison:tell Jas&bros,he left,went another plc


18- daylt,grt commotion among soldats re:what bec of P;

19- after Herod searchd find, interrog guards,ordered exec;went2Caesarea&stayed

20a Herod angry w/ppl Tyre&Sidon;together presented selves b4him,

20b after winng over Blastus,asked4pc bec their ctry supplied w/food by king’s ctry

21 on appt day,royal robes,seatd throne,Herod delivered speech2them

22 assmbld ppl began shout “It’s the voice of a god and not of a man!”

23 at once aoL struck him bec he give glory toG,eaten by worms and died

24 woG flourished and multiplied

25 after compld relief mission,B&S ret’d 2 Jerus,taking Jn-Mk



Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture/Principles are Aims for each Division):

1.Herod kills James and imprisons Peter (1-6)

Principle:  God’s people will experience persecution.

2.An angel of the Lord rescues Peter from prison (7-17)

Principle:  God’s people will experience rescue in this life and/or the next.

3.Commotion among soldiers, Tyre and Sidon and Herod’s death (18-25)

Principle:  God’s people will experience God at work.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure showing exactly where you are in Scripture):

An angel of the Lord rescues Peter and strikes Herod.


Aim (“To Cause My Audience To…” Know, See, Desire etc.):

TCMATK God’s plan and purpose will prevail


Application (not yes or no question.  Meant to bring about heart change):

1.How might seemingly negative activities be what is best for me and bring glory to God?

2.For whom are you praying who needs rescue and how might you minister to that person in other ways?

3.What has God done in your life so His Word could flourish and multiply?


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