Friday, September 29, 2017

Action Storybook Bible

Action Storybook Bible

by Catherine DeVries & Sergio Cariello
Children's Bible
David C Cook

The Action Storybook Bible invites families with young children to explore God's redemptive story together. An entry point into the world of The Action Bible, it tells of the amazing creation story, powerful kings who reigned over ancient Israel, God's miraculous gift of eternal life through Jesus, and more! God's promise for the world is displayed throughout every page. Discover your family's place in God's incredible story and together put your faith into action!
Interactive features include:
  • Fifteen key episodes from God's Word-each one loaded with several stories along with more than 350 brand-new illustrations throughout.
  • Short and easy readings---for children ages eight and under with rich, colorful images.
  • Life, Faith, Action! features-conclude every episode and invite families to talk about how God moves in the stories, how to see God in life today, how to put faith into action, and how to easily talk to God with a suggested prayer.
  • Hall of Fame visual index---the place to look up favorite Bible characters by discovering their icon connections and finding them in the stories.

 Meet the Author & Illustrator

Catherine DeVries has written more than twenty-five books for children, including the bestselling Adventure Bible Storybook. She lives with her family in the Colorado forest.

Sergio Cariello is a master illustrator. He drew his first regular comic strip for his city's newspaper at age eleven. Born in Brazil, he spent many childhood hours poring over the Portuguese edition of The Picture Bible. Sergio has worked for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, illustrating Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four, and dozens more comic book characters.

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Here is my review of this engaging storybook:

First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Catherine DeVries and Sergio Cariello and their publisher for sending me a copy of "Action Storybook Bible" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.
The 'Action Storybook Bible' by Catherine DeVries and Sergio Cariello is an engaging, colorful, comic book format retelling of several beloved Bible stories.  Each chapter is based on different sections of Scripture: some are based on a few verses, others are based on chapters and still others are based on whole books of the Bible.  Each story is followed by a page that identifies an aspect of God’s character, an illustration of God at work, an exercise to encourage application of the principles of the story to our lives and a prayer.

I was surprised at the depth of insight into the stories in several cases.  The “Action Storybook Bible” would be a great devotional for parents or grandparents to do with children.  It will lay a foundation in the home that can be supplemented by Sunday School and future education.

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