Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fresh: Reviving Stale Faith - Week Five

I am one of those people who truly appreciates silence, so I was incredibly excited to get to class and learn more about the disciplined practice of silence. In this week’s segment, Pastor Kerry teaches that Silence Reduces Stress and Expresses Faith. I absolutely agree. Some of my classmates agreed. We had rich discussion about our experiences with silence. Our discussion even led one individual to appreciate their spouse’s quest for quiet and to see that pursuit in a new way.

People are so busy these days, it’s difficult to carve out a quiet moment. We can make every excuse that pops into our minds, but the simple truth is that we just have to commit to doing it and stop everything else. The scripture verses for this lesson were particularly uplifting. They will be wonderful verses to commit to memory. And I can’t wait to work this coming week to accomplish the challenge that Pastor Kerry to enter the silence for 15 minutes each day. I anticipate wonderful things.

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