Thursday, January 28, 2010

REVIEW: Love Finds You in Poetry Texas by Janice Hanna

Janice Hanna’s “Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas” is a touching romance novel set in the west at a time when the men greatly outnumbered the women and one way to rectify the imbalance was to send for a mail-order bride. In this charming story, Belinda Bauer is playing matchmaker. She wants to find a bride for her friend, Georg Kaufman, the town barber, but the bride she sends for falls for someone else. She tries to match up others as well – some work out, some are horribly mismatched. But will Belinda come to regret sending for a second bride for her best friend when she finally realizes that she is in love with him?

I adore Janice Hanna’s writing! Her contribution to the “Love Finds You…” series is entertaining and inspiring. That said, I must admit that her more modern Texas love stories (the Weddings by Bella series penned as Janice Thompson) are my favorites. Hanna’s humor seems to be more conducive to contemporary plotlines. Still, I would highly recommend this novel for entertaining, wholesome Christian reading with a historical perspective.

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