Saturday, February 06, 2016

Homiletics: Revelation 12

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                                                                Who?

Grt & wondrous sign app’d in hvn: wm clothed w/sun, moon under ft, 12 stars on head
She pregnant, cried out abt to give birth
Another sign app’d in hvn: enormous red dragon w/7 heads, 10 horns, 7 crowns
His tail swept 1/3 stars out sky; dragn stood in frt wm so might devour child when born
She birth son who rule all nations, child snatched up to G & throne
Wm fled to desert pl prep’d for her by G where she be cared for 1260 days
There war in hvn; Michael & angels fought dragn, dragn & angels fought back
He not strong enough, lost pl in hvn
Grt dragn hurld dn – ancient srpnt/devil/Satan lds world astray; hurld 2 ea & angels w/him
loud voce in hvn: now cm salvatn/pwr/kingdm of G & authority of C; accuser hurld dn
They overcam him by blud of lamb & testimony; they didn’t love lives to shrink frm death
Rej hvns & who dwell in thm; woe to ea/sea bec devil gn dn 2U; he filld fury bec time sht
When dragn saw he hurld dn, he pursued wm
Wm gvn 2 wings of grt eagle, fly to pl prep’d in desert out of serpent reach
Frm mouth serpent spew wtr to overtake wm
Earth help wm, swallowed rvr dragn spewed
Dragn enraged @ wm, make war v rest o her offsprg: who obey G cmd/hold to testmny o J


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

The Woman and the Dragon
God protects His people even though we may be called to suffer for the kingdom of God.
The War in Heaven
God is already victorious in every spiritual battle that is going to be waged.
The Dragon Pursues the Woman
The enemy wages war against the people of God.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

The dragon wages war against the woman and her offspring.



TCMATK the enemy of our souls is very real and fights a very real war against the people of God, but we may take comfort in the fact that, because we belong to Him, we are already completely victorious over that enemy.



How have you experienced God’s protection over you in the midst of your suffering?
In what way do the people of God triumph over the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony?
What action will you take to remain faithful to Jesus as the devil wages war against you?


Friday, February 05, 2016

With This Ring? by Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Melissa Jagears and Regina Jennings

With This Ring? by Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Melissa Jagears, and Regina Jennings

This novella collection offers stories of love with a twist of humor set in the American West, weaving tales of unexpected engagements and giving minor characters from the authors’ books a special romance of their own.

Here's my review of this wonderful anthology:

First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Melissa Jagears and Regina Jennings and their publisher for sending me a copy of "With This Ring?" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.
“With This Ring?” by Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Melissa Jagears and Regina Jennings is a collection of four entertaining novellas from four gifted storytellers.  Each of these four beautiful stories is a wonderful read.

*****“The Husband Maneuver” by Karen Witemeyer is the charming story of Marietta Hawkins who is crazy about Daniel Barrett, the foreman of her father’s ranch.  But Daniel is buying his own spread and leaving her behind.  Marietta concocts a desperate plan to make Daniel fall in love with her before it’s too late, and when she carries it out, she’s in for a surprise or two herself.  This story ended a little abruptly, but was still an enjoyable read.

*****“Her Dearly Unintended” by Regina Jennings is a laugh-out-loud western romantic comedy of errors.  Josiah loves Katie Ellen and aims to make her his wife, but she’s never forgiven him for the moment in their past that endeared her to him.  When a huge storm thrusts them together and a mysterious stranger appears, it seems the safest idea is to tough it out together.  But their chaste “playing house” has the potential of playing seriously with their hearts.

*****“Runaway Bride” by Mary Connealy is a gut-splitting, jaw-dropping western romantic comedy-adventure loaded with the author’s signature wit and memorable prose.  Carrie has to get away tonight!  She and her brother Isaac hit the trail and run smack-dab into Big John Conroy.  After some trouble on the way to Carrie’s sister, Audra Kincaid (from Connealy’s Kincaid Brides series), in Colorado, they must high-tail it to The Regulators (a group of guys Connealy introduced us to in her Trouble in Texas series) for protection from Carrie’s groom.

*****“Engaging the Competition” by Melissa Jagears tells the story of Charlotte, a rough and tumble gal who’s always been better with a gun than with a schoolbook, who is reunited with her childhood crush, Harrison when the Reverend mentions Charlie’s upcoming nuptials and suggests Harrison talk to the girl.  A horrible storm and a broken pair of glasses thrust the two into an arrangement that has the potential to change the course of both of their lives.
  With This Ring? by Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Melissa Jagears, and Regina Jennings

Monday, February 01, 2016

Mermaid Moon by Colleen Coble

Mermaid Moon 
by Colleen Coble    
Thomas Nelson

Litfuse, Thomas Nelson, and Colleen Coble are excited to announce the campaign for Mermaid Moon.
Mallory's mother died fifteen years ago. But her father's last words on the phone were unmistakable: "Find . . . mother."
Shame and confusion have kept Mallory Davis from her home for the last fifteen years, but when her dad mysteriously dies on his mail boat route, she doesn't have any choice but to go back to Mermaid Point.
Mallory believes her father was murdered and childhood sweetheart Kevin O'Connor, game warden in Downeast Maine, confirms her suspicions. But Kevin is wary of helping Mallory in her search. She broke his heart---and left---without a word, years ago.
When Mallory begins receiving threats on her own life---and her beloved teenage daughter, Haylie---their search intensifies. There's a tangled web within the supposed murder, and it involves much more than what meets the eye.
As answers begin to fall into place, Mallory realizes her search is about more than finding her father's killer---it is also about finding herself again . . . and possibly about healing what was broken so long ago with Kevin. She just has to stay alive long enough to put all the pieces together.
Note: Mermaid Moon is the second in Colleen's Sunset Cove series. You can find out more about book one, The Inn at Ocean's Edge, here.
Advance Praise:
"Second chances, old flames, and startling new revelations combine to form a story filled with faith, trial, forgiveness, and redemption. Crack the cover and step in, but beware---Mermaid Point is harboring secrets that will keep you guessing."
---Lisa Wingate, bestselling author of The Sea Keeper's Daughters

"Veteran author Coble has penned another winner. Filled with mystery and romance that are unpredictable until the last page, this novel will grip readers long past when they should put their books down. Recommended to readers of contemporary mysteries."
---CBA Retailers + Resources

 Meet the Author

USA Today bestselling author Colleen Coble has written several romantic suspense novels including Tidewater Inn, Rosemary Cottage, and the Mercy Falls, Lonestar, and Rock Harbor series.
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Here's my review of this wonderful romantic suspense read:

First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Colleen Coble and her publisher for sending me a copy of "Mermaid Moon" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.

“Mermaid Moon” by Colleen Coble is the second novel in the Sunset Cove series that reads beautifully as a stand-alone story.  This solid suspense read draws Mallory Davis back home to Mermaid Point, Maine after a fifteen-year absence.  Receiving a telephone call from her dying father is enough to start Mallory’s blood pumping and mind racing, but when her father tells her to find her mother, who Mallory has believed to be dead for 15 years, she must figure out the mystery.

Her former beau, Kevin O’Connor, is reluctant to help Mallory piece together the events of past and present to solve the long-time mystery and her father’s recent murder.  But the investigation intensifies when Mallory and her daughter, Haylie, begin receiving threats.

This novel will keep you up long into the night, so pick the earliest part of a long weekend to start this wonderfully engaging romantic suspense read!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thin Ice by Irene Hannon

Thin Ice

by Irene Hannon

If Ginny Reed is still alive--who is the woman buried in her grave?

After losing her parents and her sister, Christy Reed has been mired in grief. Now, life is finally starting to feel normal again--until an envelope addressed in her sister's handwriting arrives in the mail. And the note inside claims she is still alive.

FBI Special Agent Lance McGregor, a former Delta Force operator, is assigned to reopen the case . . . but he's coming up with more questions than answers. Is Christy a pawn in a twisted cat-and-mouse game--or the target of a sinister plot? As Lance digs deeper, one thing becomes clear: someone in the shadows has a deadly agenda.

Bestselling author and three-time RITA Award winner Irene Hannon pulls out all the stops in this high-stakes thriller that races to a bone-chilling finish.


Irene Hannon is the bestselling author of more than forty-five novels, including That Certain SummerOne Perfect Spring, and the Heroes of Quantico, Guardians of Justice, and Private Justice series. Her books have been honored with three coveted RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America, a Carol Award, three HOLT Medallions, a Daphne du Maurier Award, two Reviewers' Choice Awards from RT Book Reviews magazine, a Retailers' Choice Award, a Booksellers' Best Award, and a National Readers' Choice Award. In addition, she is a two-time Christy Award finalist, and Booklist included one of her novels in its "Top 10 Inspirational Fiction" list for 2011. She lives in Missouri. Learn more at

Here's my review of this exciting novel:
First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Irene Hannon and her publisher for sending me a copy of "Thin Ice" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.
“Thin Ice” by Irene Hannon takes off at a run the moment you open the front cover.  This suspenseful read will keep you on the edge of your seat until the equally fast-paced conclusion.  This second offering in the Men of Valor series reads perfectly well as a standalone novel.
Christy Reed, former Olympic caliber competitor in ice skating lost her sister, Ginny, in a house fire just a few months after losing both parents in a car accident.  As the months pass and grief begins to give way to normalcy, she receives a letter addressed in her sister’s handwriting claiming that she’s been taken and not to contact the police.  In spite of the warning, Christy seeks the help of the FBI and is connected with Special Agent Lance MacGregor, a former Delta Force team member.  The attraction between the two is very evident, but MacGregor’s policy not to mix business with pleasure keeps the romance on the back burner while the suspense story plays out.  This makes the story even more suspenseful, crackling with the promise of greater reward when the case is solved.
This novel from Irene Hannon is another for my “keeper shelf”.  It is good, clean entertainment that I will turn to again in the future.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Homiletics: Revelation 10-11

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture): 

Saw anothr mity A cming frm hvn robd in cloud-rainbw abov hd-face lk sun-legs firy pillars
He hold lil scroll, open, rt ft on sea, lt ft on land, loud shout lk lion’s roar, 7 thunders spoke
When 7 thund spk I abt to write, but voice frm hvn: seal up what thund said, do not write
A rt hnd to hvn, swore by Hm Who lives 4evr: no mo delay 7th A abt 2 snd, myst o G accmp
Voce frm hvn: take scroll, I ask A give me, he: take, eat; it turn stom sour but swt in mouth
I ate scroll, swt in mouth stom trn sour;  I told: you proph abt mny ppls, natns, langs, kings
I gvn reed, told: meas tmpl /altr/ct wrshprs, excl outr ct, Gents trampl hly city 42 mos
I gv pwr my 2 witns, prph 1260d, in sckclth, these the 2 oliv trees/2 lmpstds b4 L of earth
If anyone tries harm them, fire come out mouths/devours enemies
These hv pwr shut sky/not rain, pwr trn wtr 2 blud, strk earth w/evry plague often as want
Whn fin tstmny, bst frm Abys attck/ovpwr/kill; bods n st cty (Sodom/Egypt) where L crux
3 ½ d men frm evry ppl/tribe/lang/nat gaze on bods, refuse burial
Inhab of earth gloat ovr them, celebrate by send gifts bec proph torment those on earth
After 3  ½ d breath o life frm G enter them, they stood, terror struck those who saw
They heard loud voce frm hvn: come up & they went to hvn on cloud while enemies lookd
@ very hr severe eaquake, 1/10 city collapsed, 7000 killed, surv terrified, give glory to G
2nd woe past, 3rd coming soon
7th A snd trump, loud voce frm hvn: kingdm of wrld has becm koL and Christ He reign 4evr
24 eld fell face/wrship G: we gv thx L G Almty who is/was bec u takn grt pwr & beg 2 reign
Nat angry, time judg ded/reward srvnts; Gs tmpl in hvn opend-ark/ltnng/thndr/eaquk/hail


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

Another Mighty Angel and the Little Scroll
God’s Word is sweet at first, but sometimes sours in our bellies as we experience disappointment to apply it.
The Two Witnesses
God empowers those He calls to accomplish His mission.
The 7th Trumpet
All events of history are preparing mankind and the earth for Christ’s reign.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

John sees a scroll, two witnesses and the seventh trumpet.
Mighty Angel announces seventh trumpet, coming after two witnesses prophesy.



TCMATK the time is now to place faith in Jesus, follow Him and bring others to Christ in order to avoid this coming judgment.



Describe a time when you have experienced the sweetness of God that turned sour in your belly.  (When I became saved His Word and the Gospel were sweet and I wanted to share them with others.  The sourness came with rejection that led me to feel like I didn’t need to share and I lost the enthusiasm to do so.  I’m praying for opportunities to share with others, now.)
What task is God calling you to perform on mission for Him and how is He empowering you to accomplish His will?  (SS Teacher – I spend time with Him to prepare before class and experience His HS giving me ideas both while I’m preparing and during class.  BSF GL – I meet with Him over my homiletics and my lesson, I pray for my Group Members and the Leadership Team.  He unearths treasure from His Word and the comments of other people and gives me beautiful glimpses of Him throughout each meeting.)
What are you doing to prepare for the coming reign of Jesus Christ?  (I’m developing my relationship with Him, falling more crazy head-over-heels in love with Him, spending time with Him, learning from Him…)