Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Have a New Husband by Friday” by Kevin Leman

Top Relationship Expert Shares the Secrets to Transform Marriages:
How to Have the Loving Husband You’ve Always Dreamed Of
… in only FIVE DAYS!

Nothing seems to make any difference anymore: You’ve asked him countless times to call if he’s going to be late. When he does get home, he pays more attention to the TV than to you. He still hasn’t gotten around to fixing the leaky faucet, even though you’ve reminded him for weeks now. You feel more like a live-in maid or an overlooked roommate than a cherished, till-death-do-we-part wife. What happened to the Prince Charming you thought you married and the wedded bliss you expected?

Internationally-known psychologist, humorist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman comes to the rescue to tell frustrated, disappointed wives how they can reclaim their “happily ever after” and have the sensitive, romantic husband they have always dreamed of—in record time: by Friday. It might sound like a far-fetched fairytale, but Dr. Leman, the self-help guru whose trusted advice has appeared on Oprah, The View, Good Morning America and FOX & Friends, offers a five-part plan guaranteed to work with his new book, Have a New Husband by Friday: How to Change His Attitude, Behavior & Communication in 5 Days.

With his signature wit and wisdom, Dr. Leman shows wives that they really can change their husbands for the better—if they do it the right way. All too often, women resort to nagging, complaining and demands, which is only going to sabotage their best efforts. “The reality is that your husband really does want to be a good husband,” Dr. Leman assures even the most skeptical wives. “He really does want to please you. The hitch is that he doesn’t know how. You have to learn how to show him, without discouraging him in the process. If you do a few things right and consistently to get his attention, you’ll be surprised by how simple this really is.”

Dr. Leman outlines these simple principles in his 5-day plan for revitalizing even the most hopeless of relationships:

• Monday: Dr. Leman deciphers the “male code,” revealing why your husband does what he does and how, despite these differences, you can start to work together in harmony.
• Tuesday: He’ll help you discover who your husband really is—and how to interact with him so that you finally get what you want and need from him!
• Wednesday: Dr. Leman teaches you how you can make communication flourish in your marriage with insights about how to deal with the variety of challenges spouses face, plus how to talk so your husband will really listen and how to listen so that your man will really talk.
• Thursday: You will learn how to show your husband that you love him—and why he needs to know and feel your affection for him. Then, watch what miracles happen!
• Friday: Learn the final secret about how you alone, as his wife, hold the keys to unlocking your husband’s heart, revolutionizing your love life, and watching your man become the knight you’ve always dreamed of—just in time to celebrate over the weekend.

Following on the heels of his New York Times bestseller Have a New Kid by Friday, Dr. Leman says, “In Have a New Husband by Friday, I’ve taken nearly four decades of marriage experience and combined it into one book. I’ve done this because I care about strong marriages and I want to see husbands and wives have the fulfilling relationships they’ve always dreamed of. The exciting thing is that the principles to make that happen don’t just work, but they’re simple, too. The changes you’ll see in your husband’s attitude, behavior and communication will astound you. I guarantee it.”

Here is my review of this wonderful book by this wonderful author:

First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Kevin Leman and his publisher for sending me a copy of "Have A New Husband By Friday" to review for them. I have always been grateful for this generosity, and I am trying to improve at being consistent in taking the time to thank these wonderfully giving individuals in a public forum. I really appreciate your time, effort and expense in making a reviewer copy available to me.

Kevin Leman has penned another wonderful non-fiction work. This book should be tucked into every woman’s hope chest! “Have A New Husband By Friday” is laugh-out-loud funny! It is also the absolute truth! It will make you think. It’ll bring you to tears. It will change the way you treat your man – and the way he treats you. GUARANTEED! Although the results are wonderful, having a new husband by Friday requires a bit of effort. Still, it is worth every moment spent reading this informative and entertaining book and acting on what Dr. Leman suggests.

When I was given the opportunity to read this book, I asked my husband if he would be okay with me reading a book entitled “Have A New Husband By Friday”. After assuring him that I wasn’t planning to replace him in a week after 22 years of marriage, he gave me the shrug and grunt. So I got the book and put it on the kitchen counter. Within two days, my husband had read the book, attested to the truth of it, and was leaving me notes around the house and putting the book where he knew I would see it. He kept asking if I’d finished it, yet. He said I had to finish it this week so I could pass it on to our daughter who just got married. I think I’ll need to get it for her on CD since she doesn’t like to read.

Available October 2009 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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