Monday, July 25, 2011

REVIEW: Point of No Return by Susan May Warren

“Point of No Return” is an incredible new novel by Susan May Warren. This wonderful “Missions of Mercy” series picks up where the author’s “Mission: Russia” series left off. Mae Lund is on a mission. Her nephew, Josh, has disappeared from a mission camp in the eastern European country of Georgia. Mae needs help, and the only person who comes to mind is Chet Stryker, an old flame who broke her heart.

Chet is on a mission of his own: to find and return a missing woman to her people so that an arranged marriage can come to pass. So what if the mission takes him back to Georgia, where he is a fugitive marked for death by a terrorist. So what if the memories of his time there 20 years ago still haunt him. So what if the missing woman is the sister of the woman he loved and killed. So what if he finds himself working alongside Mae and they have a history. But what if he really isn’t over the beautiful, intelligent, reckless pilot?

This outstanding novel must be devoured. Exotic locations, strong female characters and hunky male heroes flesh out the intellectual and intricate plot peppered with romance and Christian principles make this an absolute MUST for your summer reading list. Warren’s pen drips with intrigue and suspense. She is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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