Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can We Talk – Homework Week #3, Day #4

Consequences of idolatry. Romans 1:21-32. Wow! What a quiet time! This passage showed me the domino-effect that begins with idolatry and travels through pain and consequences to wickedness and sin to disobedience and rebellion and ultimately leading to death!

I never saw idolatry as dangerous as it truly is before today! And it is something that can easily be engaged in almost without realizing it. In fact, I realized that cancer has become an idol in my life. So my prayer time with the Lord this morning was full of tears and longing to focus on Him and smash this and other idols in my life. I begged the Lord to teach me how to truly live like it doesn’t matter what the results of my post-chemo tests are because He is in control REGARDLESS!

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