Thursday, July 07, 2011

Can We Talk – Homework Week #1, Day #5

Nine pages of journaling marks my time with the Lord today. Psalm 103:1-6 was the scripture used to speak to me about the power of words in my relationship with God.

After getting into Position, Poring and Paraphrasing took some time, but yielded good results. I was able to draw good scriptural principles from my paraphrase. Posing questions was also fruitful. But trying to plan and pin an action from such a huge study was rather time consuming and required much effort to narrow things down to one or two do-able activities. In this case, those turned out to be knowing God’s Word so that I can obey it. This will lead to the second activity of remembering God’s benefits. Meeting with the Lord daily is the only way to accomplish this.

Does a Plan and Pin activity count if I’ve already Planned it for some other study?

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