Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can We Talk – Homework Week #5, Day #1

My Pink Princess Slippers. Colossians 3:1-10 was a lengthy passage to study on day one, but what a beautiful set of verses to build our identity on. Our hearts and minds should be concerned with heavenly things because we are positioned with Christ – at the right hand of the Father. There is so much that we need to resolve to put to death in our lives: bad language, immoral behavior, idolatry and more.

As royalty (we are sons and daughters of the King of the Universe), shouldn’t our primary concern be those things that our kingdom is all about? This lesson led to a conversation with Jesus in which I confessed that I am not usually concerned with heavenly things. My concerns are selfish: my own health, my family, how we will spend our time together. Shouldn’t I be more concerned with the kingdom impact of my illness? But no, I just want to receive the good news from my doctor that the prescribed treatment did what it was supposed to do and there is no cancer in my body. Shouldn’t I be more concerned that my doctor receive the Good News from me?

Being a princess isn’t about ball gowns, a perfect appearance and a handsome prince to marry. It’s a great responsibility that I don’t handle very well. I pray for a change in outlook and behavior that will make my Father proud of me.

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