Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can We Talk – Video Session #4 – The Hedge That Protects

Priscilla uses an illustration about her children and the local swimming pool and arm floaties to talk about how God protects His people. After swimming with the floaties for awhile, her youngest son grew in confidence and wanted the arm floaties removed. When Priscilla complied and the boy jumped back into the water, he struggled without the flotation devices and became frustrated because he really couldn’t swim on his own.

I am so like that little boy! What do I REALLY trust in? My savings accounts? My home alarm system? My seat belt and airbags? Or my God? WOW! Another powerful question that promises to be a powerful week of study and prayer. What makes me feel so secure that I remove the arm floaties that God has provided for me?

This week, I am supposed to have a conversation with God about the things I trust. I can already feel the pain of conviction coming.

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