Sunday, July 24, 2011

Can We Talk – Homework Week #4, Day #1

The Hedge That Protects. Psalm 118:6. This is a wonderful scripture to begin the week with! I love that, since there is a fair amount of reading to introduce the topic on day one, this study is designed with only one scripture to study on that first day. And this is a powerful verse, fully capable of standing up on its own.

The concept is simple: God is on my side so I won’t be afraid. What can man do to me? God is absolutely my protection! I’m not saying that life in relationship with Jesus is without pain. I have had my fair share of that. But I know that everything that touches my life, BECAUSE I BELONG TO CHRIST, HAS BEEN SIFTED THROUGH HIS FINGERS. He is with me at every turn. Hallelujah! And I would much rather be in pain WITHIN His will than to be in pain without it! I apologize for my tangent on pain, but in my prayer time, I spoke to God about what I am afraid of, and it turns out to be pain. So, I sought a way to make my suffering more bearable.

Not only do I have the assurance of my salvation. I also have the promise that my sufferings will be limited because my life is the duration of vapor (according to James). Hallelujah! I continue to be amazed at how Jesus stands before us (and leads the way) as we confront the things in us that He wants to purge to make us more like Him. He is incredible!

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