Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can We Talk – Video Session #5 – A New Road

Priscilla talked about the roads that we have traveled that we’re not so proud of. She shared her experience of dread when she approached an exit that previously led her to some very bad choices. But as she passed the exit, the Lord made it clear to her that those choices were in the past. That she was traveling a new road. The Lord makes all things new – including us.

I expect that this will be a week of breaking down strongholds. Hallelujah! Who are we in Christ? As Christians, the Lord has put us on a new road. It’s a road beyond our pain and mistakes. It’s a rewarding road. It’s a road that defines us in Christ. I can’t wait to travel it this week! It will involve conversing with God about the specific road He has for me.

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