Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can We Talk – Homework Week #2, Day #3

What a powerful quiet time, today! First, I looked at Mark 6:30-32 regarding getting rid of busyness. What a wonderful lesson to remember that Jesus wants us to rest with Him after ministering to others. I took a couple of lessons away from this passage: we need to discuss our ministry experience with Jesus and we need to physically step into the boat so that He can take us to the secluded place of rest.

I am at such a juncture right now. I’ve recently completed chemotherapy. I am no longer ministering to my chemo nurses or my phlebotomists on a weekly basis. I don’t have news to report to my prayer partners every week. I am not encountering patients in the treatment center. So, my ministry of prayer and encouragement in those venues has ended for now. Another prayer ministry has opened since one of my Sunday school Sisters has had heart surgery. Yet another ministry of encouragement in my workplace (being the poster child for undergoing cancer treatment with a smile) is alive and well.

I need to be obedient and continue in the active ministries that the Lord has given me. I also need to be obedient and let go of the inactive ministry and spend some time with Jesus to replenish what I poured out for others. Amazing. But what does that boat look like? A different place. Maybe a park or a coffee shop. Anyplace I won’t encounter the hustle-bustle of people and activity. I am planning such an outing for this weekend.

A second lesson from Revelation 2:2-4 brought home the point that being spiritual isn’t enough in my activity for Jesus. During my study time, I was confronted by a recent goal to lose weight. I spent time analyzing why I was making this a goal. To look good? To honor God by caring for my temple? To be healthier? Yes, yes and yes. But not in that order. I discovered that I can spiritualize what I want to achieve and say I’m doing it to honor God, but my real motive is selfish.

To actually be something I do for Christ, my heart must be right. Ouch! This realization has prompted WONDERFUL conversation with God, today. I need to spend time with Him for Him to change my heart and soak His Word into the depths of me. That is the only way to have the right motive behind my actions.

Transform me, Lord.

I plan to have a third quiet time with Jesus over lunch and Matthew 14:22-23. This is the second time I am choosing to spend time in scripture instead of a Christian fiction novel over lunch. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for this to become a habit?

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